Flower organza ribbons. DIY step-by-step tutorial.

Цветок из лент органзы
Available step-by-step photos will help you to easily cope with the work. Only half an hour of free time, a little zeal, and the flower will be ready.

Flowers and decorations of cloth.

Цветы и украшения из ткани

Tender, feminine, romantic. Flowers from the fabric will never fade and will retain their appearance for a very long time. Another set of ideas for inspiration.

Flowers and decorations made of cloth.

Japanese Knot Bag. DIY step-by-step tutorial.

Японская сумочка
The Japanese mini-bag "Japanese Knot Bag" is becoming more and more fans and not only in the country of the rising sun, but also with us. 

Scarves and collars, crochet

Шарфики и воротнички, вязание крючком
Cute ideas for knitting scarves, shirt-cribs, crochet collars.


Сумочка оригинальной конструкции

Functional and simple. A small master class in photographs.

Country Quilt

_002 (581x700, 96Kb)

And another patchwork magazine: chic bags, cosmetic bags, toys, panels, appliqués - with your own hands.

Bag Box step-by-step tutorial.

Как сшить сумку-коробочку

An interesting idea is a box-case.