Корзинка - шкатулка. Basket - box. DIY step-by-step tutorial.

Шкатулка? Корзинка? Хлебница? Конфетница? Сумка? А, может, пуфик? Все зависит от вашей фантазии. Найдите подходящую по размеру основу, подберите ткань и отделку, выделите для творчества пару часов времени и… вы – счастливый обладатель эксклюзивной детали интерьера квартиры или аксессуара к вашему костюму, или экономный, но очень оригинальный гость с необычным подарком!

Корзинка - шкатулка

Bags patchwork. Models and patterns

 (508x699, 167Kb)
Romantic handbags (patchwork).

Models and patterns from Japanese magazines.

Handbag bag made of cloth. DIY tutorial.

Как сшить красивую сумку-мешок
Handbag pouch. Master Class. See what a wonderful bag is a bag :)

Sew a bag of fabric. DIY step-by-step tutorial.

Шьем сумку из ткани

An elegant bag of fabric with a zipper. Detailed photo master-class on sewing.

Paper Quilling. DIY step-by-step tutorial.

шкатулка из бумаги, квиллинг, мастер-класс  | box of paper quilling
The original technique of needlework - quilling, how to make a beautiful casket of paper and handy tools, is told in the master class. step-by-step photos and a sea of interesting ideas for decorating.

Crafts from buttons.


A lot of ideas for the rational use of buttons in the decoration in the selection for you!

What sew knitwear, felt?

игрушки и поделки из трикотажа, фетра

Agree that knitwear and felt are peculiar materials. they have their own, special advantages and disadvantages. Products of these materials are distinguished by special comfort, softness, warmth - in direct and figurative senses. Below is a selection of ideas for you. You can make toys out of felt for the new year, and not only for the new year, you can make your kids happy!

Handbag-Beautician DIY step-by-step tutorial

 (350x268, 31Kb)
How to sew a cosmetic bag with a zipper? Beautiful turns out, and very comfortable. Thanks to the needlewomen for the photos of the tailoring process, but what happens as a result with us?