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How to Sew Patchwork Puzzle Ball

DIY How to make a Montessori ball. Patchwork Sewing Tutorial

Gift Card Envelope Tutorial Templates

Gift Card Envelope Tutorial Templates
 A gift envelope is made so simple that it will not take you more than 10 minutes

DIY Renovated old computer chair

Обновляем старый компьютерный стул
Everyone knows that there is nothing eternal, everything comes into disrepair and loses its appearance. So is the furniture in the house, over time it becomes less attractive and untidy. However, do not despair and run to the store, buy something new. I want to offer you a solution and teach you to give old furniture a second chance and a new life.

Decoration of buttons

Button abundance! The simplest buttons in the skilled hands of craftsmen can turn into a wonderful decorative element. Buttons can "depict" anything you want -

Decoration of buttons

Fur-tree from buttons
Поделки из пуговиц | crafts made of buttons

crafts from zippers

Crafts from buttons

Crafts from buttons. Brooches, flowers, beads. bracelets and earrings

Украшения из пуговиц.  Crafts from buttons

Bags, mats and wipes patchwork.

Сумочки, салфетки, коврики пэчворк. Bags, mats and wipes patchwork.

Bags, mats and wipes patchwork.

Hanging cloth storage pockets Kids Room

Hanging cloth storage pockets Kids Room 
How to make a child's room cozy, bright, joyful?

How to teach a child to put his things in order in the room?
  We sew from a fabric amusing pockets in the form of cheerful little men, little animals, toys and we adapt them for storage of things.

Flowers of Felt DIY tutorial.

Цветы из фетра и войлока своими руками. Flowers of Felt DIY tutorial.
Soft and enchanting beauty. How to make flowers from felt with your own hands. A photo Tutorial

Crafts for the New Year and Christmas

Мобиль из снежинок 
New Year's creative: create original crafts from everyday and everyday things. Everything that is near at hand - we will redesign for New Year's gifts.

Toys for Christmas and New Year

Снежинки - декор для окна 
Darkness is the darkening of the New Year's decor, a sea of ideas in a selection on the actual pre-holiday theme. Christmas trees, snowflakes, toys made of felt, topiary, interior decorations ... What's not!

Baskets made of fabric

Корзинки из ткани.  Baskets of cloth 
Here, look, what lovely baskets from a fabric - pleasant coloring, a flower decor, ornaments in the form of buttons and bows!

Many ideas for home

Красота в домашнем интерьере
Many ideas for home - small details that make the surrounding space cozier, kinder and more beautiful ...

Paper Snowflakes

Снежинки и балеринки из бумаги. Шаблоны для вырезания. 
Snowflakes from paper to decorate the house for the New Year holidays, we cut from childhood.

For you - patterns that can be cut and used to create interior decorations.

Bag Cover for iron and ironing

Сумка-чехол для утюга и глажки. Bag Cover for iron and ironing
An interesting bag for storing the iron, which is also a bed for ironing.
He took out the iron, laid it on the table, ironed it - and all the cases, a good design!

Original bag of felt

сумки из фетра Josh Jakus. Original bag made of felt 
Very original bags from Josh Jakus.

The essence of bags - felt (or cloth), colorful lightning and transforming designs.

Covers for bottles, jars

Чехлы для бутылочек, баночек и даже для термопотов и мультиварок!
Covers are different!
Today we will talk about the cases sewn for .... guess what?

For kitchen utensils: bottles, jars and even for thermobots and multivarches! Strange they are, these covers, but beautiful. To sew or not to sew such to itself - to solve to you. But you can use ideas for decorating objects, using toys and circles for their own purposes.

How to make a decorative brush

Brushes, brushes, pompons - all these ... accessories? at me personally, associate with children's hats. But I, as it turned out, was wrong!

Dresses, skirts, polka dots

Платья в горошек. Dress polka dots
A lot of ideas from cloth to polka dots - dresses, skirts, outfits. Ideas for kits, shoes and bags - there is everything!

Beautiful dresses for ladies full

Стильные платья для полных женщин
Come and admire the selection of beautiful dresses for us women.

Stylish dresses for work, rest, parties, reception of guests - well, very stylish. You can just admire, or you can sew. It's beautiful, is not it?