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How to sew a skirt in an hour. Tutorial

Flirty black skirt in an hour
How often, looking into your wardrobe, you do not find what to wear today? This problem is familiar to every girl. The lack of clothing or variety in the wardrobe is easy to fix. Today I want to show you how to quickly and very simply sew a nice and charming skirt that you can wear to a party, a walk or any other occasion.

Как быстро сшить юбку. We sew a skirt in one hour

Sew sweater tunics

Перешиваем свитер - в тунику. Sweater tunic

What is available?
Blue pullover and white tank top, material knitwear.
What happened as a result of the alteration - a stylish white-blue elongated tunic, or mini-dress.
We look at the photo master class and are inspired. And then we go sewing :-)

Beautiful dresses for ladies full

Стильные платья для полных женщин
Come and admire the selection of beautiful dresses for us women.

Stylish dresses for work, rest, parties, reception of guests - well, very stylish. You can just admire, or you can sew. It's beautiful, is not it?

How quickly and easily make a blouse with a skirt

How quickly and easily make a blouse with a skirt 
I am always attracted to the idea of fast sewing: as fast as possible, without patterns, darts and other wisdoms.
How to sew a skirt, blouse quickly. The result is an original blouse and a trendy trend - a long skirt on the floor.
Only now I think that such outfits only fit young and slender. Otherwise, it is necessary to make darts for performing merits?

From maxi skirt to dress. DIY tutorial

короткое легкое платье. From maxi skirt to dress

Summer is a time when heat, cares and troubles do not allow you to devote much time to needlework. Well, if you suddenly need an outfit? Quick sewing in a hurry will save the situation.

Decorating T-shirts

Декорирование футболок. Decorating T-shirts
Decor T-shirts. Ideas for imagination, inspiration, a lot of ways and options. T-shirts for adults and children. Clutches, flowers, ruches, pictures, applique, prints ... FANTASY !!!

What to make of an old T-shirt?

What to make of an old T-shirt?