Crochet Round Bag. Pattern and Tutorial

Crochet handbag from the usual jute cord. Thanks to this material, the finished bag holds its shape and it is not necessary to sew the lining.

 We will need:

    Jute cord is not very thin or any dense yarn;
    Crochet hook - № 10-10,5.

We will knit all parts of the bag separately.

First, knit a long rectangle (it will be 3 in 1: two sides and the bottom) in circular rows of a chain consisting of 46 chain. Let's connect 3 circular rows.

Now we need to bind the 2 side of the circle. Let's start with the first one.

First you need to wrap the thread around your finger 2 times and tie it with single crochet. To close the binding itself in a circle and pull the thread.

Next knit circular rows according to the scheme, or any other, what you have.

Knit 11 rows.

Now you need to knit a chain of 30 chain (this will be the handle of the bag).

Knit it through 13 stitchs from the beginning of the chain in a circle in the 14th stitch.

Next, let's start to knit a circle in the opposite direction to the place where the side band should join (for this it is necessary to attach the band to the circle, at equal distances from the handle, and to determine this place).

Now you need to tie this strip to the circle, but do not tie 2 loops, and tie the slip stitch, as it were, through 2 stitch to the seam was obtained from the side, from the circle.

After I had sewn the strip to continue knitting the round to the beginning of the handle.

The handle to knit the slip stitch.

At the junction of the handle with a circle of thread to fasten, to trim and to hide.

It should be like this:

The second circle knit similarly and also sew on the other side of the strip.

Bag's ready!

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