Purse Bag Organizer Tutorial

Purse Bag Organizer Tutorial

Do you find yourself searching the endless abyss of your purse for chapstick?  Do you cringe every time the teller asks for their promotional card?  Don't you wish you had hand sanitizer after using that public restroom with no soap?  Do your kids utilize an overabundance of band aids?  If so; have no fear the purse organizer is here!

Purse Bag Organizer Tutorial

This is a fun, simple  project that will help you use up your scraps, and get your small gadgets organized!  It can be completely customized to fit your needs. You can make it as big or small as you need.  I made a double pocket for band aids, and a pocket for all those pesky promotion cards from stores I visit only occasionally. 

This was so easy,  I am excited to make them for friends and family for Christmas!

Purse Bag Organizer Tutorial

So now that you have seen it, would you like to make one of your own??

It really is not that hard!

Cutting List
Outer fabric 6"x17.5"
Inner Fabric 6"x17.5"
Fusible Fleece (cut 2) 6"x17.5"
Pocket 7.5"x 15" Folded and pressed lengthwise
Rubber Shelf liner  2.5"x15"
Piping Fabric Make 2" bias tape strip about 50"
Piping cord about 50" small cord
Flower 2" strip of fabric about 18-24" folded and pressed length wise.

Step 1: Cutting

Cut list above.  You can change any of the measurements to fit your purse needs!

Iron the fusible fleece to both the inner and outer piece of fabric.

If desired, you can shape one round one end of your purse organizer, to both the inner and outer pieces.  You can use a bowl to do this, I tried to make mine slightly angular, but really after the pipping was sewed on you can not tell.  I made a template out of cardstock.

Step 2: Pockets

Purse Bag Organizer Tutorial

Set your outer piece of fabric/fleece aside for now.  On the inner piece you are going to assemble your pocket.  Fold one shorter side under, the side by the snap so you have a finished edge.  Place your pocket on your inner fabric.  With folded side to the top.

This seems like a weird step, but on what will be the inside of your pocket sew in a piece of rubber shelf liner.  I did not do this on my first one, and the things in my organizer tend to slip out.  This will prevent it.  Just sew it to the top edge of the inside of your pocket.

If you want to make any extra pockets, like my credit card pocket do it now.  I simply made a square of fabric, and finished the edges by sewing right sides together.  Sew the finished square to the pocket, where you would like it.

Think of the stuff you will want to have in this organizer, make vertical lines on your pocket in various widths, to fit the needs of your purse stuff.

Pin the pocket to the inner piece of fabric, and sew on the vertical lines you have created as well as the end of the liner by the snap.  You can also baste in the bottom and side of the pocket if desired. But the seem and cording will finish those seems.

Step 3: Piping

Now all that is left to do is with right sides together combine the two layers.  I used Piping to do this, because I love the sleek professional look.  Make sure you leave an opening to turn the layers right side out.

Okay, here is confession time, this is my first project using piping... ever!  I have been kind of scared of it, but it was a lot of fun.  I don't think I am good enough at it to give an adequate tutorial.  

I love the finished touch the piping gives... If you are really scared of piping, you could put ric rac in between the layers, or with right sides together sew the two pannels together, leaving a hole to turn around.

NOTE:  If you want a magnetic snap, put them in before you top stitch.

Top Stitch your layers to secure the opening you made when turning the organizer right side out. And to give it a great finished look.

Step 4: BLING

To decorate the outside of the organizer I made a ruffle flower.  

Cut a strip about 2" by 18"

I folded that strip in half right-sides together and sewed lengthwise, turn right side out, and you should have a tube. Press.  NOTE: you can also just fold it because the raw edges will be covered.. at least that is what I did for the yellow bow.

Sew a gathering stitch to one side of the tube, to make a ruffle.

Cut a circle shape out of felt, or other stiff material, sew ruffle gradually around circle, until the entire circle is filled. Your rosette is now complete!  Hand sew a button into the middle.

One of the best tips I learned at a purse class is safety pin your flowers to your purse (in this case purse organizer) so that you can take it off when you need to wash the purse/purse organizer.  SO that is what I did with this project.

I just love how it turned out!  Pin the flower on, add the snap, and you are good to go!

Purse Bag Organizer Tutorial

Plenty of room for all my goodies!

Purse Bag Organizer Tutorial

I will definitely be making more of these in the future!

Purse Bag Organizer Tutorial

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