Tote Bags Tutorial - 2 Sizes Pattern

Tote Bags Tutorial - 2 Sizes Pattern

Who's ready for a fun tote bag tutorial? Tote Bags Free Sewing Tutorial. Two Sizes Pattern (Child Size + Adult Size)

Tote Bags Tutorial - 2 Sizes Pattern

Tote Bags Tutorial - 2 Sizes Pattern

I don't know about you, but my daughter and I can always use another bag, and with her heading off to preschool this year I decided this was the perfect thing to make! Plus, my daughter loves having unique handmade items that set her apart from the crowd. And let's be honest, I really can't resist seeing her excitement over her handmade items!

Tote Bags Tutorial - 2 Sizes Pattern

Ready to get sewing?!? Here's what you will need for each bag.


    1 yard canvas (we used Wonderland Metallic Navy)
    1 yard quilting cotton (we used Wonderland Metallic Caterpillar Dots Pink)
    1 yard coordinating quilting cotton (we used Wonderland Cheshire Stripe Red)
    Matching thread

Make sure to prewash your fabrics so you can toss this bag in the washer once it gets dirty. If you're kids are anything like mine, that's inevitable!


Child Size

    Main 13" x 13" (cut 2)
    Lining 13" x 13" (cut 2)
    Straps 42" x 2.5" (cut 2)
    Pocket 9.5" x 4.5" (cut 2)

Adult Size

    Main 17" x 17" (cut 2)
    Lining 17" x 17" (cut 2)
    Straps 56" x 3" (cut 2)
    Pockets 12.5" x 6" (cut 2)

1/2" Seam allowances will be used throughout the tutorial.

Cutting Corners

Lay the main fabric and lining on the cutting table and cut a 2" x 2" (1.5" x 1.5" for children's size) square from the bottom corners.

Attaching Pocket

Turn the top edge of the pocket under 1/4 inch and press. Then turn under 1/2 inch and press. Sew the fold. Find the center of the pocket and the bag by folding them in half and lightly pressing them, then align the pocket and main front and back and pin. Sew 1/4th inch from the raw edge on both sides to attach the pocket to the main fabric.

Tote Bags Tutorial - 2 Sizes Pattern

Attaching Straps

With right sides together, fold the strap in half and sew the long side closed. Turn the strap inside out and press well. Align the straps on the main fabric similar to the photo. They will lay on top of the raw edge of the pocket
Starting 1 inch from the top raw edge of the main bag topstitch the strap in place 1/4" from both edges. Repeat with the other strap as well.

Tote Bags Tutorial - 2 Sizes Pattern

Tote Bags Tutorial - 2 Sizes Pattern

Sew Sides and Bottom

With right sides together, sew the sides and bottom of the main bag, repeat with the lining. Press the seams to lay open.

Sew Corners

Pinch the corners to align the seam allowances and sew the opening closed using a ½” seam allowance. Repeat with lining.

Attach Main to Lining

Insert the lining into the main bag with right sides together.
Pin all the way around the top, taking extra care to align the side seams together and push the straps out of the way.
Sew around the bag leaving a 3-4 inch opening for turning.

Turn the Bag

Carefully pull the bag through the hole to turn it right side out. Press the seam using a hot iron and plenty of steam. Gently roll the seam allowance 1/8th” so that the lining fabric isn’t visible from the outside of the bag.

Sew Opening

Using a needle and thread, hand sew the 3” opening closed.

Tote Bags Tutorial - 2 Sizes Pattern

Happy sewing!

Tote Bags Tutorial - 2 Sizes Pattern

Tote Bags Tutorial - 2 Sizes Pattern

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