The Trouble with Zips

The Trouble with Zips

As I’ve mentioned before, I am mostly self taught with my sewing skills. Every project teaches me something new but one little problem has had me stumped. All you super experienced amazing sewist friends will possibly read this post and say ‘Have you only just worked this out?!’ But others may find this post super helpful!

The Trouble with Zips

Sewing the zip in my zip pouches has always troubled me. Sometimes it works well with a neat finish, and other times the zip ends are pinched and look messy. I realised that the way the zip teeth faced when sewing my pouches affected the outcome. But which way was correct?

The High School Science Teacher in me decided it was time to conduct an experiment. I made two identical zip pouches.

When sewing up a pouch, once you have your fabric sewn onto the zipper, you turn it out so
the exterior fabric is right sides together, and the lining is right
sides together (shown in the picture at the bottom of the post). Then you sew all the way around the outside apart from a gap in the lining to turn the pouch through.

This is how I got the two outcomes – one I sewed with the zip teeth facing the lining. The other I sewed with the zip teeth facing the exterior fabric.

The Trouble with Zips

When you sew all the way around – the zipper must be folded so the teeth face into the lining fabric. That is the trick to getting your zip neat and tidy.

The Trouble with Zips

Then you a guaranteed a neat zip finish every time.

OK – so is this common knowledge and I have been in the dark all this time? Or is this new to you too?


Update! A few people asked for some pictures that were a bit clearer, so I have added some more details about this topic HERE. I hope this helps even more 🙂


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