DIY iPad Case Pouch Tutorial

DIY iPad Case Pouch Tutorial

This iPad case is easy to whip up and does not require a whole lot of stuff. Do not have the typewriter print, just add any fun fabric applique and you’re ready to go! Perfect for gifts!

The finished size is 8.5” x 10.5”. I have used a 1/4" seam allowance. If you want to make it a different size, I'd suggest Add an inch to the dimensions of your gadget.
It has a zipper pocket in the front to hold the chargers. The tutorial uses magnetic closure, but it can be replaced with Velcro.

Material Requirements:

Outer Neutral Fabric: Fat Quarter
Highlight Fabric : Fat Eighth
Lining Fabric : Half Yard
Other Requirements :
Lightweight Interfacing: I have used this to interface some pieces as well as a backing when I quilted some pieces. You can ignore the ones marked (Q) if you do not intend to use them for quilting.
Batting – I use locally available cotton batting Hi-loft. This can be replaced with Pellon® fusible fleece. Magnetic Closure or Velcro.
9" Long Zipper.

Cutting Instructions:

 Please take care while cutting directional prints. The dimensions listed here are Width x Height. Make sure all pieces are aligned in the same direction before cutting.

From the Outer Neutral Fabric cut:
O1 - ONE piece:                9” x 7”
O2 - ONE piece:                                9” x 11”
O3 – TWO pieces:            7” x 3.5”
From the Highlight Fabric cut:
P1 - ONE piece:                                 9” x 5”
From the Lining Fabric cut:                       
L1 – THREE  pieces:          9” x 11”
L2 - ONE piece:                 9” x 7”
L3 - ONE piece:                 9” x 5”
From the Lightweight Interfacing cut:
I1 - TWO pieces:               9” x 11” (Q)
I2 - ONE piece:                 9” x 7”
I3 - ONE piece:                  9” x 5”
I4 - TWO pieces:               7” x 3.5”
From the Applique Fabric cut:
A1 – ONE piece:                Fussy cut Motif
From the Batting cut:
B1 – TWO pieces:             9” x 11”

Pair the following pieces of Fabric and interfacing and iron them on.
I2 – O1, I3 – P1 & I4 – O3
Take the O2 piece and ONE of the three L1 pieces. Iron on the Pellon ® Fusible Fleece to the wrong side or sandwich the batting along with the I1 Interfacing piece  as the backing (optional).
Quilt the sandwiches as desired. Trim away the excess batting.
Take the O1 piece and applique the fussy cut motif of top. I used raw edge applique technique.

To attach the zipper, fold over the 9” edge of O1, P1, L2 & L3 Wrong Sides Together and iron.

Align the Lining piece with the zipper and stitch. 

Repeat with the Outer piece. And then repeat on the other side. Trim it to 9" x 11"
Your front panel is ready.

Take the two O3 pieces. On one of them attach the magnetic closures about 1” away from the edges, as per manufacturer’s instructions. You can even use Velcro. Attach the rough side here.
On the wrong side, mark curves for corners. I used an Aurifil spool!

Now stitch along 3 sides.

Turn inside out and topstitch.

Lay your quilted outer piece Right Side Up. Lay the Flap piece as shown.

Make sure the pieces are aligned in the center. Now lay one lining piece Right Side Down and pin on the shorter edge.
Stitch along pinned edge.
Now mark the position of the other components of magnetic snaps or Velcro onto the Highlight fabric on the Front panel. Once again attach according to manufacturer’s instructions.

DIY iPad Case Pouch Tutorial

Now lay the quilted lining piece RIGHT SIDE UP. Follow with the front panel piece Right Side Up. And finally the lining piece Right Side Down.
Pin along top edge and stitch.

Press the seams open. Now lay the two pieces aligning the edges of the quilted panels and the lining fabric.

Pin along all sides and stitch leaving a 4” wide opening in the lining to pull it out.

Pull it right side out. Hand stitch the opening. And topstitch along the edge to finish!

DIY iPad Case Pouch Tutorial

You can make about 5 of them in a day! More if you use Pellon Fusible Fleece. 

DIY iPad Case Pouch Tutorial

Perfect for gifts!

DIY iPad Case Pouch Tutorial

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