Marker Roll Up Tutorial

Marker Roll Up Tutorial

My tutorial today is super easy!  Last year I bought some coloring fabric and designed a marker roll that would fit a pack of 10 washable markers (the thick kind!)    These projects are so great for gifts! In fact, I sold out of all the marker rolls I made at an Easter craft fair – moms were buying them for Easter basket stuffers!!!  They are great for party favors, stocking stuffers, graduation gifts (well…..maybe kindergarten graduation???!)  And you can whip out several in a short amount of time!

Materials (makes 1 marker roll)

- Color Me Fabric (Cut 7.5″H x 17″ W for the outer and cut 10″H x 17″ W for the inner pocket)
- Heavy fabric like canvas or duck fabric (Cut 7.5″H x 17″ W for the inner lining)
- Ribbon (Cut 2 ribbons – 13″ long each)
- 10 pack of markers
- Iron on interfacing (optional – iron to the outer color me fabric for extra stability)
- Sewing supplies (machine, scissors, chalk or marking pen, ruler, pins)

Marker Roll Up Tutorial

Step 1
Fold the 10″H inner pocket piece in half – matching the long edges with wrong sides touching – so it is 5″ tall and place on top of the canvas lining. Mark the center with a crease and mark 1.5″ intervals so you have 11 marks total on the pocket piece.

Step 2
Sew straight lines at each marking.  Back stitch at the top of the pocket.

Step 3
Place the outer Color Me Fabric on top of the lining and pocket piece.  Sandwich the ribbon in-between the layers and pin in place.
(If you want extra thickness, be sure to iron on interfacing to the back of the fabric.)

Marker Roll Up Tutorial

Step 4
Sew along the edge of the marker roll, leaving a 3″ opening for turning out.  Clip corners and turn out.

Step 5
Top stitch around the entire marker roll to close up the opening at the bottom.  Place your markers in each slot and roll up for your kids to enjoy!!!

Marker Roll Up Tutorial

When you’re done coloring the marker roll, you can toss it in the wash and color again!  It is perfect for keeping in your purse or diaper bag for those moments when you need to keep little hands busy!

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