April’s Little Tote Bag Tutorial

April’s Little Tote Bag Tutorial

April’s little tote is the perfect size for a picnic lunch on a summer day. The lining is made with canvas and has a pocket hanging from the top edge of the bag for your phone and keys. The outside of the bag is made out of cotton linen. It is simply constructed and a perfect afternoon project. ENJOY!!!!

Please read all instructions before starting.

(fabric width based on 54”)
½ yard 8 or 10 ounce Canvas
½ yard cotton linen
2 yards webbing – 1 ¾” wide
matching thread
½” magnetic snap
80/12 jeans needle

Cut 2 – 17” x 18” rectangles out of canvas - Lining
Cut 1 – 8” x 10” rectangle out of remaining canvas – “A”
Cut 2 – 17” x 18” rectangles out of Cotton Linen - Outside
Out of remaining Cotton Linen piece
Cut 2 – 3” x 18” rectangles – “E”
Cut 1- 8” x 10”rectangle – “B”
Cut 1 – 5 ½” x 10” rectangle – “C”
Cut 1 – 4 ½” x 10 rectangle – “D”

Press all fabric before cutting and sewing.
All seam allowances are ½” unless otherwise noted.

1. Fold long end of pockets B and C down ¼”
2. Fold again and press.

3. Top stitch along the edge of the fold.

4. Lay C pocket on top of B piece of fabric, then place second D pocket on top of that.
Pin in place.

5. Fold in half and press to make a line with the iron that you will sew on.

6. Top stitch along pressed line.

7. Lay A piece of canvas on top of pockets. Right sides together. Pin in place and stitch
around sides and bottom.

8. Clip off bottom corners and turn inside out. Press. Set aside.
9. Stitch together both short ends of E pieces. Press seam open.
10. Fold over and press one edge down a ½”. Set Aside.
11. Place right sides together of Outside fabric and stitch along the long sides and bottom. Press seams to one side.
12. Repeat with lining.
13. Press down top edge of Outside ½”. Repeat with Lining.
14. Open the tote bottom and place the side seam on the bottom of the tote seam. This will create a triangle shape with the bottom corner at the point.
15. Using a small square ruler with a diagonal line running from corner to corner. Measure 3” from tip down, lining up the diagonal line along the edge.

16. Use a pencil and mark along the edge of ruler.

17. Place two pins on either side of the seam and between both layers.

18. Stitch along pencil line. Trim off point to ½” seam allowance.

19. Repeat with other side and with lining.
20. Pin pocket to folded edge of lining, making sure it is in the middle of the bag.

21. Take raw edge of E and pin to  ¼” up from raw edge of lining, Keep edge of lining folded. The pressed edge of E will stick out the top of the bag. Starting pinning at the seams. Once seams are pinned, pin on top of pocket and the rest of the way around the top of the bag.

22. Top stitch around lining and E at the edge of the lining. Press E towards the inside (right side) of lining. Pin in place.
23. With the pocket face up mark 1” down from top aligned with the middle of the pocket and place one side of magnetic snap.

24. Flip bag over and align the other side of the snap, 1” down.

25. Put the lining into the Outside of the bag. Line up edges and pin on sides.
26. Lay flat with the pocket on face up. Pin handles in between lining and outside 3 3/4” from side seam. Pin in place.

April’s Little Tote Bag Tutorial

27. Repeat with other side of handle. Flip bag over and repeat with the other side. Pin around entire piece to secure outside of bag, handles and inside.

April’s Little Tote Bag Tutorial

28. Top stitch at the edge of the bag, approximately 1/8” from top.
29. Lay bag on ironing board with the pocket side down, fold the side of the bag to match the bottom seam. You will make a pressing line  3” from side seam.  Repeat for the other three sides.

30. Press the bottom the same manner, again the pressing line will be 3” from the bottom seam.

31. Top stitch the areas where you pressed, approximately 1/8” from the edge. This will create a nice decorative stitch on the outside but also will help secure the lining to the outside and stabilize the sides and bottom.

32. Hold up bag and admire your work then take it out and use it!

April’s Little Tote Bag Tutorial

April’s Little Tote Bag Tutorial

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