Drawstring Jewlery Pouch Tutorial

Drawstring Jewlery Pouch Tutorial

Step-by-Step Sewing Tutorial.  DIY Travel Jewellery Pouch Bag. Here it is! I promised that I'd do a tute on creating a jewlery pouch and I'm holding my word. It's taken some time as I've been busy, but my niece's birthday is coming up and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to make her something nice and create the tute at the same time.

What you will need:
> Two 12" circles (main fabric)
> Two 9" circles (coordinating material)
> Two yards cord
> Coordinating thread
> Fray Check
> Thumbtack
> Tape

Step 1
1. Cut the circles. To create perfect circles use a compass or you can cheat and use household items (I used my plates!)

Step 2
1. With right sides together, sew both sets of circles together leaving a 1" opening to turn.

TIP: To sew a perfect circle, tape a thumbtack upside down the distance of your circle's radius, minus the seam allowance, from the needle. I used a 1/2" seam allowance so for the 12 " circle I placed the tack 5 1/2" from the needle.

Place the center of your circle on the tack - check your seam allowance - and sew away! A perfect circle every time.

Step 3

1. Turn right side out and press making sure to press the opening seam under to continue the circle.

2. Edgestitch to close the opening and create a finished look. (Use the tack again)

Step 4

1. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the smaller circle.

Step 5

1. Using a marking pencil, draw 4 lines evenly across the circle in a spoke-like fashion creating pie cuts. This will create 8 triangular slices.

2. Place the smaller circle on the center of larger circle and pin in place.

Step 6

1. Measure 1" from the center of the circle and mark on each spoke line.
2. Place tack 1" from needle and sew a 2" circle.

3. Sew along the spoke lines. When you are finished it will look like this:

Drawstring Jewlery Pouch Tutorial

Step 7

1. Using the thumbtack method, create the casing for the cord. Sew two more circles along the outside edge, one 1" in, the other 1 1/4" in.

Drawstring Jewlery Pouch Tutorial

Drawstring Jewlery Pouch Tutorial

Step 8

1. Using a seam ripper, create one small hole between the two casing lines. Be sure to only pierce the outermost piece of fabric.

2. Create another hole directly across from the first hole inside the casing lines.

Step 9

1. Cut the cord in half (you will have two 1yd. pieces)

2. Using a safety pin attached to the end of the cord, thread the first piece of cord through the casing entering and exiting the same hole.

3. Repeat threading the second piece of cord in and out the opposite hole.

4. Tie the cord ends together. You will now be able to pull the opposite cords to close the pouch!

You're Done!

Drawstring Jewlery Pouch Tutorial

Drawstring Jewlery Pouch Tutorial

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