Learn How to Peyote Stitch: Part 3

Learn How to Peyote Stitch

Oh, I love stitched cuffs. Let’s make this little beauty shall we?

Learn How to Peyote Stitch

If you are just joining us for the Peyote Stitch 101 series you can learn about the basic supplies in Part 1 and peyote stitch in Part 2.

Learn How to Peyote Stitch

Gather your bead weaving supplies plus a button and a center piece (I used a rhinestone flower button).  
Measure your wrist and determine how long you want to make the bracelet.  Now subtract one inch. That is how long you will make your peyote stitch.  For example, if you want your cuff six inches long then minus one equals five inches. The loop that wraps around the button will make up for the subtracted one inch.

Cut a piece of fireline 30 inches long. Start your peyote stitch as in Peyote Stitch 101: Part 2. Instead of stitching between every single bead, you will need to stitch between every five beads, like shown below.

Learn How to Peyote Stitch

Learn How to Peyote Stitch

Continue peyote stitch until you have reached your wrist measurement minus one inch. In the example above, your peyote stitch would be five inches long.

Tying Off

Tie a knot when you have six inches of thread remaining. Weave the end through a few beads and snip the excess thread.

Learn How to Peyote Stitch

Starting a New Thread

Cut another 30 inches of fireline. Weave the thread through a few beads, leaving about two inches. Tie a knot and continue the peyote stitch where you left off. Snip the excess thread at the beginning of the fireline.

Attaching the Button

Cut a piece of fireline 20 inches long. Weave through a few beads, tie a knot, and weave through a few more beads to center the needle where you want to position the button. I like the center of my buttons to be half an inch to one inch from the end of the cuff. Loop through the button and then back through the beads at least four times. Then, weave through a few beads, tie a knot, and snip the excess fireleine. Be sure to go back and snip the excess fireline at the beginning. Attach your center piece just as you did the button.

Learn How to Peyote Stitch

Attaching the Loop

The loop acts as a closure for the cuff by wrapping around the button. Start a new thread as described above in ‘Starting a New Thread’. Create a loop like shown below by adding beads until you reach a length of two inches. Then, tie off as described above under ‘Tying Off’. For a sturdier loop, cut another piece of fireline and stitch through the loop again.

Learn How to Peyote Stitch

Now you have a pretty new cuff your friends will squabble over. 


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