Easy Vinyl Zipper Pouch Tutorial

Easy Vinyl Zipper Pouch Tutorial

Here are some answers to a few of the questions i have received regarding sewing with PVC. Now you understand that this is the way I do it, so it is probably technically speaking against the rules! But this is whats works for me!

I use a normal walking foot and zipper foot.

Ball point or regular machine needles.

I use the $5 a meter table protector PVC stuff from spotlight light to medium weight i think,in the table cloth protector isle (?)

I have see it in some stores for $12-$18 a meter, i cant see any difference other than nasty price tag!

I cut the lining pieces(2) and PVC outer(2) a bit larger than the feature fabric.

I find this gives you alittle more breathing space if things shift.

Any size you like, matched to the zip you have on hand or you can cut one down.

Easy Vinyl Zipper Pouch Tutorial

Insert the zip. I don't know how i could survive without my zipper foot!

Use the method you are cool with. If putting in a zip makes you break into cold sweat relax..

Pop over to u-handbag and follow her fantastic guide to sewing in a zip with lining, it is super easy to follow.

She can explain it better than i ever could. Thanks Lisa!

Easy Vinyl Zipper Pouch Tutorial

Sew first side of zip.

Pin heaps at this stage , it tends to want to slip and slide around.

Top stitch along zip edge, this is where things can slow down a touch, just be strong!

Easy Vinyl Zipper Pouch Tutorial

I just guide (pull) it through with gentle persuasion. Lengthening the stitch on your machine a tad can help move things along also.

This is only one of two times you come into direct contact with the 'naked' PVC(again wrong!)

Repeat for other side of zip.

Trim your fabrics.

Easy Vinyl Zipper Pouch Tutorial

Easy Vinyl Zipper Pouch Tutorial

This is the time to defluff, iron and generally fiddle with your fabrics before they are encased in PVC forever!

Place right sides together and sew her up , leaving a gap in the lining so you can turn everything right side out.
Go a little slower when passing over the zip, it can get a little 'clunky'

Easy Vinyl Zipper Pouch Tutorial

Clip your seams.

Turn everything right side out through the gap in the lining.

Easy Vinyl Zipper Pouch Tutorial

Things can get a little sticky here, but just don't be too gentle, your in charge!

Top stitch gap in lining closed.

Easy Vinyl Zipper Pouch Tutorial

There you have it!

A PVC zippered pouch to keep, rotary cutters, scissors, make up, pencils and everything in between safe, together and sorted!

That wasn't too scary now was it? Go on make PVC your friend!

Hope this was half way clear! have fun, let me know how you go!

Easy Vinyl Zipper Pouch Tutorial

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