Tote Bag DIY Tutorial

Tote Bag DIY Tutorial
Whimsical Tote Bag. I needed a fun, tall tote bag and when I saw the fabric, I knew that's what I wanted to make with it.

Tote Bag DIY Tutorial

I chose the Dan Bennett Wild Garden collection and received 1/2 yd of each.
I knew I would be lugging the bag around with me everywhere, so I decided to add the jean fabric to the bottom of the bag.

I cut 2 pieces of the outside fabric 14" x 11 1/2".
2 pieces of the jeans, 14" x 6 1/2"
Cut 2 pieces of the lining and 4 pieces of iron-on interfacing 14" x 17".
For the straps, cut (2) 4" x 22" pieces out of the lining fabric.
Cut 2 pieces of interfacing, 2" x 22".

Sew the outside fabric to the jeans fabric (both pieces, front and back).
Now you can iron on your interfacing to all 4 pieces (outside and lining).

For the straps, iron your interfacing to half of the strip, fold right sides together and stitch. Turn your strap right side out and top stitch along long sides.

Sew your straps to the right side of the outside pieces about 1/4" from edge.

Now you'll take both of the outside pieces and sew it right sides together with the lining pieces only at the top.

Now is the time to add a magnetic snap or pocket if you wish to the lining. For the pocket in this bag, I used a pocket from the jeans I cut up for the bottom.

Lay your front and lining piece out flat and put the other section on top to sew. Right sides together.

After it's sewn, you're going to turn the whole thing right side out through the bottom of the lining, so be sure and leave about a 5" gap for turning.

After it's sewn, mark a 1" square in each corner. Be sure to measure the 1" from your stitch lines and not the edge of the fabric.

Trim seams and cut out the square you made.

On all 4 corners, match the seams and sew across. This creates the flat bottom of the bag.

Turn bag right side out through the hole in the lining and sew the lining shut at the bottom.

Tote Bag DIY Tutorial

Push lining down in your bag, press and top stitch along edge. I covered buttons and added to the top, you know, just for fun.

Tote Bag DIY Tutorial

I can't tell you how much I'm loving that fabric, it makes me happy every time I look at it!

Tote Bag DIY Tutorial

Tote Bag DIY Tutorial

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