DIY Purse Organizer Tutorial & Pattern

DIY Purse Organizer Tutorial & Pattern

Moving bag - a mini bag to move your important belongings between bags

DIY Purse Organizer Tutorial & Pattern

A bag to move in between bags - a small tutorial. How to make a mini moving bag.

 Download Bag Pattern. Instruction and Dimensions

Step 1: Cut the pieces according to the measurements described

Step 2: Fold the top edges of the 2 fabrics and sew

Step 3: Mark off the middle line of the bottom and sew along, right sides facing, on top of one another

Step 4: Sew along the pockets

Step 5: Fold right sides together, align the top and sew the sides, starting from the top edge to the bottom (the picture is bottom to top hence not neat).  Then, sew the ribbon (or bias) to the edges
to mask the them

Step 6: Fold the bottom and sew across twice, making sure to stitch above the yellow rectangular

Cont’d Step6:Stitch twice to catch the first fabric

Step 7: Put the ribbons to mask the edges

Step 8: Make 2 holes on each side for the straps.  If you don’t want to use steel holes, you can always make your own straps using the same fabric material, then sew them when you were doing the
second steps (folding the top edges twice and sew), make sure you make the fold bigger to accommodate the straps.

DIY Purse Organizer Tutorial & Pattern

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