Laminated “Just In Case” Bag Tutorial

 Whether you use it for make-up, sewing supplies or packing snacks, this quick-to-make bag is perfect to sew up in colorful laminated cottons. Change up the size depending on your needs and the contents.

Finished size 5″ x 8 1/2″

Materials needed

1/4 yard laminated cotton
Featured prints: Hoodie-C 8375 white (strawberries), WRM-LC 8088 (red) and WDUO-LC8311 black/white.
9″ zipper
6″ of 1/4″-wide ribbon or faux suede
Non-stick presser foot
Size 70/10 sewing machine needle
Optional: For a lined bag, 1/4 yard cotton print
Featured print:  Jenn-C6891


Make the pattern by cutting a 7″ x 9″ paper rectangle. On the lower corners, cut out 1″ squares.

Cut the bag front and back from the laminate using the pattern. Pin only within the seamline, as pin marks are permanent!


1. Fold under the bag front and bag upper edge 3/4″ and finger-press or clip a crease.

2. Using a non-stick presser foot, stitch the folded edge about 1/8″ from the zipper teeth on both sides of the bag. It helps to open the zipper to avoid the slider tab.

3. Right sides together and using a 1/4″ seam, stitch the bag bottom seam. Finger-press the seam open and topstitch on both sides.

4. Stitch together the zipper open end, abutting the tape edges.

5. Right sides together, stitch both bag side seams.

6. Right sides together, fold the bottom seam to match the side seam. Using a 1/4″ seam, sew the seam to box the corner.

7. Turn the bag right side out and zip.

8. Thread the ribbon or suede through the zipper tab and knot. Trim ends diagonally.

Lining (Optional)

If you want to line the bag, cut and construct the lining the same as the bag, ignoring the zipper insertion. Press under the upper edge 1″. Wrong sides together, insert the lining matching side seams and pinning only through the zipper tape at the upper edge. Hand sew the lining in place.

Helpful hints for working with laminates

  - When you purchase the fabric, roll it instead of folding it to avoid creases.
  - Pin only within the seamline or use weights for cutting.
  - Finger-press all seams or use a wooden presser tool to flatten.
  - For flatter seams, topstitch seam allowances to one side or open.
  - A non-stick presser foot is a must for topstitching, otherwise the foot sticks to the fabric and stitches are uneven. If you don’t have one, apply painter’s tape to the underside of your presser foot to alleviate sticking.

- Use a size 70/10 needle to avoid leaving visible needle holes in the fabric.
- To hold things in place, like for seaming or inserting zippers, use Clover Wonder Clips instead of pins; another option—coated paperclips.


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Laminated “Just In Case” Bag Tutorial

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