Gift Box Basket Tutorial

 Happy hostess gift boxes are a lovely way to wrap up special gifts for friends and family, each box a gift in itself that can be used and enjoyed for years to come.

I have created the Happy Hostess Gift Box this month as a way to dress up handmade gifts or homemade treats – each special box is a gift in itself that can then be used and enjoyed by the recipient throughout the year.

To maintain the box shape I used a heavy interfacing I had on hand, although Fusible Fleece would also work well. This project includes instructions to create a 4” gift box, and you can easily create larger boxes by simply increasing the measurements; a set of nesting Happy Hostess Gift Boxes made by mixing and matching a few fabrics would be so great on a vanity!

These little boxes are a wonderful way to dress up gifts or special treats, which can then be used and enjoyed by the recipient throughout the year.  Follow the instructions as written to create a 4” gift box, or size it up to make larger boxes.  Try making a set of nesting boxes made in a few complementary fabrics — so very charming on a dresser or vanity! 

Measurement:  4” x 4” x 2½” 

Time needed:  about ½ hour  

Here’s what you need:

- one 9” square of single-sided fusible heavy interfacing (I am using Pellon Peltex 71F Ultra Firm Stabilizer)
- one 10” square of interior fabric
- one 10” square of exterior fabric
- ruler, pen, scissors or rotary cutter, bone folder or chopstick, iron, pins, coordinating thread, etc. 
 Step 1:  Prepare the Interfacing

Use a ruler and pen to mark 3” intervals along each edge of the interfacing.  Then draw diagonal lines on each corner (using the 3” markings as a guide) to create an octagonal shape.   Cut off the triangles on each of the four corners.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to fuse the interfacing to the WS of your interior fabric.  (If you have a particular motif you’d like to be centered in the gift box, align the interfacing accordingly.)

Once the interfacing is adhered to the fabric, trim the lining fabric on all sides to that it is 3/8” larger than the interfacing octagon.   
 Now use the interior fabric piece as a guide to cut your exterior fabric piece the exact same size.

Step 2:  Simple Sewing 

Place the interior and exterior fabrics RS together and pin in place. Use a 3/8” seam allowance to stitch around the entire piece leaving a 3” opening for turning.  

Turn RS out.  Press into the corners with a chopstick or bone folder.  Press the entire piece on both sides. Fold the edges at the opening to the inside of the piece and press well. 

Use a 1/8” seam allowance to edge stitch on the exterior side, being careful to align the edges at the opening when stitching it closed.  Once again, press the entire piece on both sides.  

Step 3:  Finishing 

Align interior fabric side with a 4” edge across the bottom.  Use a bone folder or chopstick and a ruler to score vertical lines from each of the top corners to their corresponding bottom corners. 
Repeat going horizontally.

Now fold the tips of the corners together from A to B (as indicated in the left photo).   
Do it like this —>

When pinned, it should look like this —> 
Repeat for all four corners.

Stitch the corner pieces together, basically annexing a small triangle from each corner to create a box shape.  You will end up with small conical shapes on each corner — you could leave them as is, but I prefer to finger-press them out to create a little nooks at each of the corners.

Now all you have to do is fill with a special gift and it’s ready to present!    
Enjoy + happy making!

Gift Box Basket Tutorial

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