Water Bottle Patchwork Bag

 Water bottle holder bag of fabric pieces. DIY Sewing Tutorial.

 Cut into small squares of fabric

 Here is a rectangle turned out.
The size of the patchwork top is 25x20 cm. 

Polyester batting - 25x20 cm and the lining is a little longer (later we'll bend it) 25x22 cm

Quilting sandwich

 Sew the neck of the bag. I have two pieces of fabric, you can take a whole piece.
First, we will process the side parts, then we will arrange the top - there we will miss the string drawstring.
I have a size of 10x25 cm, but it is better to take it narrower, for example, 8x25 cm

Again, collect the sandwich: the neck of the bag + base + bias binding. Bottom also needs to be processed by the bias binding.

We fold our tuba face in and sew.

Fold the side stock and hem.
We sew all the bias binding, better by hand.

 Cut the bottom of the bag with a diameter of 7 cm. We quilt. We sheathe bias binding.

 Sew hands to the bottom of the bag, turn out.
Thread the string and set the clamp.

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