Tutorial: Japanese Drawstring Bags

Tutorial: Japanese Drawstring Bag
 Japanese style handmade double-sided bag diy Free sewing tutorial and Pattern.
How many bags do you think are in this photo? Two? And no! This is the same handbag, double-sided.
Dimensions handbag height - 15 cm.

You will need two cuts of fabric in contrasting colors of 30 cm each, a polyester batting or any other insulation, two types of cord: thin (1.5 meters) and thick (2 meters).

1. From each fabric, cut out 2 rectangles of size 13x67 cm and cut each rectangle in half at an angle of 45 °. The calculation is carried out for allowances for one quarter inch seam, i.e. 0.65 cm
As a result, we get 4 details of one color and 4 another.

2. Align each other in two pieces of different colors. Sweep the resulting strips to a piece of polyester batting with a slightly larger size than the strips themselves and quilt in any manner. Cut off excess polyester batting. I additionally made machine embroidery along the joints of two fabrics.

3. Stitch on four strips on the short side, as shown in the photo.

4. Stitch on any two stripes on the long side, neatly docking the junction of the two fabrics.

5. Similarly, stitch on another strip.

6. And one more. The result is such a figure.

7. Connect the remaining non-stitched parts of the bottom of the bag, leaving a small hole for inverting.

8. On stitching a hole, put one part of the bag in another, no matter what
Tutorial: Japanese Drawstring Bag

9. Along the edge of the bag, sew a thin cord by passing a needle with a cord through the left hole in the bag to hide the knots inside. Cord sew as follows. I recommend doing 12 or 16 loops

10. This is how a sewn thin cord should look. Now, with a secret seam, sew a hole for turning out.
11. Cut the thick cord in half (into two pieces of 1 meter each) and pass both of its parts around the thin cord. Tie the ends of the cords. Is done
Tutorial: Japanese Drawstring Bag

Tutorial: Japanese Drawstring Bag

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  1. Oh these look wonderful! And what gorgeous fabrics. Perfect for gift giving. Going to give them a try.

  2. As a beginner I would like a video of this please. Super bag

  3. I also would like a video or at least a printable pattern