Crochet Handbag Tutorial

A Crocheted Autumn Sun Handbag from Tricot Yarn
Crochet Handbag Tutorial

To crochet a handbag, you need to know just how to perform SC (single crochet). The rest is easy: my photos + description. Quite a little time and you'll have a bright handbag!
Crochet Handbag Tutorial

Crochet Handbag Tutorial
 You need:
1) Ribbon yarn — 1 pc., length 100 m, width 7-9 mm.
2) Hook 10 mm.
3) Zip of 20 cm (to match the colour of findings or the yarn).
4) Chain 30 cm.
5) 2 halfrings.
6) 1 ring.
7) Plastic needle (for sewing crocheted items).
8) Needle and thread to match the yarn (for sewing the zip).

1.1 Cast on 6 SC in an amigurumi ring.
1.2 Complete the first row.
1.3 Knit 6 rows, increasing the number of SC according to the scheme: the first 6 loops don't count.

2.1 Then crochet the side with SC. The first row is knitted back.
2.2 Make 2 more rows. One half of the bag is ready.
2.3 Likewise, knit the second half.
2.4 Hide the ends of the yarn. I prefer doing it with a plastic needle.

3.1 Sew the two halves together with the plastic needle and yarn.
3.2 Leave 20 cm for the zip.
 4.1 Sew the halfrings.
4.2 Insert the chain (15 cm).
 5.1 Sew in the zip.
 6.1 Sew the ring so that the slider was to the right in zipped position.
Crochet Handbag Tutorial

7.1 Make a tassel. Pass 6 threads through the ring.
7.2 Tie. Leave the ends of the same length as the main part.
Crochet Handbag Tutorial

8.1 Make a handle. Pass 2 threads (2 m each).
8.2 Spin the both ends clockwise. You can fix the chain on a window handle.
Crochet Handbag Tutorial

9.1 Tie each thread separately.
9.2 Leave 2-3 cm, hide the ends and sew.
Crochet Handbag Tutorial

10.1 Make fringe. Each thread is 110 cm.
10.2 Pass a threaded through the center of the seam where the halves are joined and tie a knot.
25 threads total.
Crochet Handbag Tutorial

The handbag is ready! Wear with pleasure!
Crochet Handbag Tutorial

Author: Ekaterina
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