Storage Box Tutorial

Making a Stylish Box for Storage. DIY Tutorial

Storage Box Tutorial

- scissors
- utility knife
- metal ruler
- pencil
- needle file or nail file
- glue
- glue stick
- masking tape
- gloves
- spray
- thin sheet of A4 paper, cardboard of 2 mm (two pieces 19х26 cm and strips 4х85 cm and 2х85 cm) and 1 mm cardboard (two piece 19х26 cm)
Recommendations for Chapter 1: don't be afraid to be a perfectionist.
Cut out four identical pieces from bookbinding cardboard: take 18х25 cm, fold in half and in half again. Step back 4 cm from two open corners. Draw a rounding line, smooth and beautiful. Cut off the corner, and glue the simple template to 1 mm cardboard.

 Exactly around the edge of the template, carefully cut out the first detail. Mark the center. Use the detail to cut off three same pieces, mark their centers with the arrow, too.
 The edges should be perfected.
 Collecting "cakes", Follow the directions of the arrows.
The next step requires preparation. Take the 2 mm cardboard and the thick strip of cardboard of 90х4 cm, make marks laying distances: 8 - 16 - 25 - 32 - 50 - 58 - 67 - 75 cm. Put crosses at 8 cm marks, and another sign at the corners. Also mark the up and down of the strip. Make a solution of PVA glue with water in 1:1 ratio, cover the table with paper or newspaper, put on gloves.
 Spray the solution on the corner areas. Wet cardboard moderately from both sides. Join the starting end of the strip with the central line of the base. Apply the whole strip carefully.

 Use masking tape to fix it.
 From both sides.
 Repeat all steps for the lid.
When glue dries, remove the tape.

- fancy fabric 25х60 cm (dimensions with a margin for neat cutting fabric)
- fleece
- utility knife
- tailor's marker
- ruler
- scissors
- dry glue stick
glue that quickly dries
a piece of thick paper
Recommendations for Chapter 2: What is your credo? Accuracy!
First, prepare holes for the handle. To do this, put the edge on the base with the long sides matching. With the arrows, easily find the center.
 Put marks at 5.3 cm on the right and left from the center.
 And 3 mm more. From bottom — 1.3 cm, and the hole size is 2 cm, you have 0.7 mm from the upper edge.
 Cut out with the utility knife.
 Glue the sides to the fleece. And after drying, cut out  the blanks.
 Do the same with the edges.

 Before moving on, coat the blanks with beautiful fabric.
The fabric is ironed and put under the cardboard with soft fleece. Step back 0.8 mm and mark.
 Draw the outline.
 Cut it out with scissors, mind the triangles at the corners:
 Start to glue the fabric.

 Similarly, wrap the second blank in fabric.
Glue the strip. Before that, mark where the edges meet.
 Apply glue on the lower part of the strip and immediately push it to the side.
 Move on as drying.
 Strengthen the walls with strips of thick paper.
- one meter of bias binding
- pins
- thin needle
- thread matching fabric
- dublerin with glue base
- decovil or hard felt
- tailor's marker
- scissors
- ruler
Recommendations for Chapter 3: please have a look on the Internet how to use bias binding.
For both parts you need a bias binding of 79.5 cm. The cuts should be directed exactly as pictured. Fold its sides with an allowance of 5 mm, pin and stitch on the machine. Iron the seam and cut off protruding corners.
Stretch the bias binding on the edge and pin like in the photo:

Then sew with a concealed stitch.
And glue it inside to, remember about the triangles in the corners.
It's time to make the handle. Take a piece of cloth of 6х20 cm, thin dublerin of 4x20 cm, hard felt 2x10,5 cm.
Iron dublerin to fabric at 1 cm from a long edge. The allowances are folded to the inside and lightly pressed with the iron. Then find center on the piece of fabric and decovil, join the centers, iron. Fold the piece in half and finally iron the allowances to the inside. Stitch both long sides.
Make the cuts in fabric, perfect the edges by inserting the fabric inside the glued cuts.
Insert the handdle.
- strip of binding cardboard, thickness 1mm, size 4,3х85 cm
- paper clips
- cloth for interior boxes 30х90 cm
- glue
- dry glue stick
- fleece
- any long tape

Recommendations for Chapter 4: be patient, there are very few steps to complete and the suitcase will be ready.
Make this detail, you will need a strip of thin cardboard, width 4.3 cm and length 85 cm. First apply, fix tightly amd mark what should be cut off, leaving one more mm.
Disassemble all. Cut out 7 cm fabric strip with a length equal to the length of already cut cardboard with allowances of 1.5-2 cm on each side. One side is glueв and decorated with fabric.
Fold the corner of the tread and again iron.

When all is done, glue the blank to the edge of the box and fix with clips - use little pieces of carboarв to avoid dents.
If the calculations have been done properly, the ends will meet.
And the last stepp of this DIY is to insert the details of bookbinding cardboard in the bottom and lid. Before that, put a measuring tape to get it out easily.
Cut and apply until the result is completely satisfying. Check all before gluing.
Congratulations! You've made a great job. Thank you for attention!
Text by Angelina Skornyakova.
Photographer Vlad Danilov.
Special thanks to Anna Sertukova and her store of magic toys.
Making a Stylish Box for Storage. DIY Tutorial

Making a Stylish Box for Storage. DIY Tutorial
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