The flower on the hat pattern

The flower on the hat pattern
To diversify the wardrobe of a young woman of fashion can be very simple. It is enough to make several different flowers and decorate them, for example, hats, dresses, headbands, etc.


- Fabric (satin)

- scissors

- paper

- candle or lighter

- Thread and needle in tone of fabric

- Beads for the core of the flower.

The flower on the hat pattern

Cut petals from a satin pattern. They should be seven different sizes, five each. Next, you need to gently burn the edges of the fabric so that they twist beautifully. Keep the petal when singing should be parallel and at the same time slightly at an angle to the fire.

After all the petals are ready, you should take the thread and the needle and sew them together, starting from large discs of fabric (petals) and gradually moving to small ones. At the end, you need to sew yellow beads into the middle. The flower is ready. Now they can decorate the hat.

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