Bouquet of flowers from beads tutorial

Bouquet of flowers from beads tutorial
Materials and tools:

beads No. 10 of yellow, green, white, cherry, red flowers;

matte black beads No. b;

white beads with a diameter of about 4 mm;

red rice beads;

copper wire and rigid or semi-rigid rods;

basket, polystyrene;

gypsum, water, a vessel for its dilution;

green florenta; scissors, nippers.

Bouquet of beads

Description of work:

The composition is made in French and looped lowering and consists of two-tier flowers of cherry color, as well as three-petalled flowers of white color.

For one cherry blossom flower (photo 1), perform 8-12 petals with a 4 cm base and 12-1 b with a 5 cm base with a French lowering according to the diagram in Fig. 1.

Bouquet of beads

The middle of the flower is a bead. Fold the flower, gathering around the bead, mounted on a thick wire or semi-rigid rod, the first tier

with small petals and the second of the large. Wrap the stem with floristic ribbon, inserting leaflets made according to the scheme in Fig. 2

similar to a color photo. Concave the first tier of petals in the middle, and bend the second to the edges.
Bouquet of beads

For a white-red flower (photo 2), weave the blanks in the middle of yellow beads with a looped lowering similar to fig. 3

three red petals with a base of 3 cm from two arcs and 3-5 white petals with a base of 4 cm (Fig. 4).

Gather like cherry flowers, bending both tiers of petals in the outer direction.

Yellow flowers consist of middles (follow the needle lowering of large black beads according to the scheme in Fig. 5) and four petals each,

 made similarly to cherry petals (Fig. 1).

Perform buds of 4-6 white beads according to the scheme in Fig. 5 and several branches of red “rice” (Fig. 6).
Bouquet of beads

Collect the bouquet in the same way as color photo and photo 3 (the wrong side of the composition), laying polyethylene at the bottom of the basket and gluing an oasis or polystyrene,

and then sticking into it all the elements, the number of which is arbitrary depending on the size of the basket.

For the strength of the composition, fill the surface of the foam with gypsum in several rounds.

If you use only gypsum, the weight of the product will be quite large.

Spread out all the elements of the composition after the gypsum has completely dried.
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