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Celine bags

Zippered Bag Patchwork. Sewing Tutorial

Zippered Bag
Skinny insert strips

Walk in the park. Quilt patchwork Tutorial

Walk in the park. Quilt patchwork
A simple yet graphic throw shows it’s possible to successfully combine wovens and prints.
A neutral solid marries the playful fabric mix.

Quilt. Every Little Bit. Tutorial

Turn what may seem like trash into a quilt you truly will treasure. The design will have you saving the smallest of leftovers to create the scrappy Churn Dash blocks.

Оригинальные браслеты из шнуров. Мастер-класс

браслеты из шнуров. Cord Bracelet
Позаимствуем у моряков пару их фирменных узлов, возьмем разноцветные шнуры-паракорды — и готовы оригинальные браслеты!

Bag backpack. Tutorial

Сумка-рюкзак. Bag Backpack
Stylish and practical: one movement - and the backpack turns into a bag! The bag can be carried both with one, and with two handles.