Original bracelets made of cords. Tutorial

 Cord Bracelet
We’ll borrow a couple of their branded knots from the sailors, take multi-colored paracord cords - and the original bracelets are ready!

So from a direct node, a bracelet is obtained

 Cord Bracelet


 scissors, needle, pins, glass, masking tape, lighter, parachords (d = 3.5 mm) of yellow, orange, pink, red, blue and colorful, transparent threads.


From the motley paracord, cut 5 cords of approx. 40 cm, from paracords of other colors - 1 cord of the same length. Use 5 cords to pin together with pins and fold in an arc in half.

 Cord Bracelet


For a direct node, insert one arc into another, as shown in the photo. Caution, do not prick yourself with pins!


Tighten the knot flat on the substrate, while making sure that all the cords lie next to each other, and not one on top of the other. Lock with several pins.

Cord Bracelet


Wrap the bracelet around the glass (and approx. 6.5 cm) and fix it with masking tape. Then stitch cords with each other with transparent threads. Lock the knot with a few stitches.


Take the bracelet off the glass. Equalize the ends of all the cords and fall off with a lighter so that they no longer crumble and at the same time weld together.

 Cord Bracelet


Connect the ends of the bracelet with a few stitches into a ring to make the bracelet of the right size.


For bracelets up to 4 cm wide, you can buy various clasps (metal rings, plastic buckles) that are woven into the bracelet. Another option is magnetic locks, which can be fixed to the ends of the bracelet with glue for jewelry.
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