Pillows poufs DIY tutorial

Подушки с буфами и схемы. Pillows poufs DIY tutorial
Oh, what buffers on these pillows!

So different, so beautiful, very spectacular!

What are the buffers? Folds on fabrics laid in a certain way, transform the fabric beyond recognition, and as a result, a completely new and unusual material is obtained.

A selection of original buffers, with which pillows are decorated, plus schemes for all fans of this style of sewing.

Flowers of Felt DIY tutorial.

Цветы из фетра и войлока своими руками. Flowers of Felt DIY tutorial.
Soft and enchanting beauty. How to make flowers from felt with your own hands. A photo Tutorial

Crafts for the New Year and Christmas

Мобиль из снежинок 
New Year's creative: create original crafts from everyday and everyday things. Everything that is near at hand - we will redesign for New Year's gifts.

Как сшить прикольные тапочки - зверушки? How to sew cool slippers - animals?

Наши тапочки должны быть не только удобными, но и красивыми. А если это тапочки для детей - то и веселыми. Подборка прикольных тапочек из меха в виде зверушек.

тапочки из меха в виде зверушек. How to sew cool slippers - animals?

Toys for Christmas and New Year

Снежинки - декор для окна 
Darkness is the darkening of the New Year's decor, a sea of ideas in a selection on the actual pre-holiday theme. Christmas trees, snowflakes, toys made of felt, topiary, interior decorations ... What's not!

Sew sweater tunics

Перешиваем свитер - в тунику. Sweater tunic

What is available?
Blue pullover and white tank top, material knitwear.
What happened as a result of the alteration - a stylish white-blue elongated tunic, or mini-dress.
We look at the photo master class and are inspired. And then we go sewing :-)

Baskets made of fabric

Корзинки из ткани.  Baskets of cloth 
Here, look, what lovely baskets from a fabric - pleasant coloring, a flower decor, ornaments in the form of buttons and bows!

Fabric flowers DIY tutorial

Роза из атласных лент. Fabric flowers DIY tutorial
a wonderful accessory for hair! such a fit to wear a bride at a wedding or a young beauty at the prom. It turned out a very beautiful rose, made of satin ribbons.