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Triangle Leather Pouch Tutorial

Triangle Leather Pouch Tutorial
I designed this little portable pouch that has enough space for the change, my keys and even some little extras like lipgloss. And because it has a little carabiner you can hang it on the loop or your belt. Super handy, super chic!

House Pouch Pattern & Tutorial

Drawstring Pouch Bag Free Sewing Pattern & Tutorial
Drawstring Pouch Bag Free Sewing Pattern & Tutorial

Scrappy Zipper Pouch Tutorial & Pattern

 Scrappy Zipper Pouch Tutorial & Pattern
Simple Patchwork Zipper Bag Tutorial and Pattern.  Even if you are new to bag-making, this is a simple project that is fast and easy!

Wallet Wristlet Zipper Pouch Tutorial

Wallet Wristlet Zipper Pouch Tutorial
 It has two pockets on both sides of the interior for credit crads, licenses, etc.  Plus, extra room for keeping odds n' ends in.  

Scrappy Heart Zip Pouch Tutorial

 This zipped bag is all about helping you stash bust with what you have, so if you don’t have one of the items listed, substitute it for what you do have.

Box Bag Pouch Tutorial

 DIY Easy Zippered Box Bag Pouch Tutorial

Flat Bottom Zippy Pouch. Tutorial + Pattern

 Zipper Pouch Tutorial and Pattern: Flat bottom straight(ish) sides zippy pouch (with a little zipper trick)

DIY Zippered Box Pouch Tutorial

 A fun little pouch to store sewing notions and other small accessories  

Simple Zipper Pouch Tutorial

 How to Sew a Zipper Pouch - Easy Beginner Sewing Project

Cross Blocks Zipper Pouch Tutorial

 Sewing instruction  to make zipper pouch. To jazz up the bag, we add three 3” cross blocks to the front. This bag is so cute and adorable.

Simple Zipper Pouch Tutorial

 How To: make a neat case for your sewing supplies.

Triangle Folding Pouch Tutorial

 How to make a Cute little triangle coin purse or Gift Bag. DIY Tutorial

Zippered Case with Reverse Applique Tutorial

Just in time for the back to school season, this embroidered pencil case is perfect for all ages. This case can be pieced together out of various fabrics or made from just a single cut.

Pouch with Zipper. Pattern and Tutorial

 Phone Pouch with Zipper. Pattern and Sewing Tutorial

How to Make Citrus Pouch. Bag Tutorial

 It is the perfect size for a pencil pouch. Another perfect gift for your creative friends and family. It is also the perfect size for portable sewing supplies or a make-up pouch.

Hoo-Ha Bag Pouch Tutorial

 How to Sew a Hoo-Ha Zipper Pouch Tutorial. How to sew for beginners. Sewing ideas. Step by step illustration tutorial.

Origami Pouch Bag Tutorial

 Tutorial: Origami drawstring Pouch Bag. How To Make

Heart Shoulder Bag Crochet Pattern

 Heart Shoulder Bag Pouch Crochet Pattern

Easy Zipper Box Bag Tutorial | Crochet | Sewing, DIY Pouch

 Zipper Box Bag Tutorial | knit and crochet versions

Egg Pouch Tutorial. Crochet Pattern

 Crochet Tutorial - How To Crochet An Egg Bag