Farmers Market Tote Bag Tutorial

 Farmer's Market Tote Bag · How To Make A Tote Bag

Farmers Market Tote Tutorial
Fusible interface (lightweight) 1/4 yard
Fusible interface (heavy) 1 1/2 yards
Pocket fabric  1/4 yard
Strap fabric  1/4 yard
Side fabric 1/2 yard
Bottom fabric (canvas) 1/4 yard
1/4” (6 mm) seam allowances are included unless otherwise indicated.

Cut out all pieces following the size and quantities listed on the previous page. For the strap it might be necessary to cut multiple strips to join for the desired length.
Iron the pocket, side and bottom pieces to interfacing pieces.

Making the front pocket
Fold the pocket piece in half width wise, wrong sides together. Iron fold and then topstitch 1” and ¾” from the folded edge.

 Making the outside of the tote
Lay one of the side pieces right side up on a at surface. Layer the pocket piece on top, placing it in the center of one of the longer edges and matching raw edges. Then layer the bottom piece wrong side up. Pin the 3 layers together and sew together.

Open sewn piece and lay right side up. Layer second side piece, wrong side up, on top of bottom piece matching raw edges, pin and sew together.
Open sewn piece and face right side up. Top stitch ¼” on both sides of the two seams connecting the side pieces to the bottom.
Place piece aside for now. 

 Making the strap
Join strap fabric strips until you have a length 94 inches. To join, place the end of 2 strips (right sides together) at a 90 degree angle. Stitch the pieces together on the diagonal, corner to corner, as shown in the diagram and trim the excess. Iron seams open.
Fold piece in half lengthwise, right sides together and sew raw edges together. Turn piece right side out and iron.

Attaching the strap to the tote
Fold 1” of one of the ends of the strap inward. 

Center the inward folded end to the bottom of the tote between the seams that attach the two sides and 5” from the raw edge. Pin in place.
Continue pinning strap till you reach the top of the tote. Measure 2 ¾ from the top of the tote and mark the strap. Measure 28” from that point and mark strap again. Measure 2 ¾ from the top of the tote on other side and attach the strap to this spot starting at the 28” mark you made. This excess fabric will make your bag handle.
Continue and repeat handle on other side. When you return to the spot you started, cut the handle 1” longer than needed and fold the end on the strap inward and pin.
Attach the strap to the tote by sewing the seam allowance on both sides of the strap piece. Do not sew past the 2 ¾” marks you made previously.
Sew across the two ends where the strap piece started and ended.

For added strength, reinforce the strap where it attaches at the top to the tote by sewing an “X”.

Completing the outside of the tote
Fold the tote right sides together and sew the sides together.

Measure  and mark 3” from seam on side and 3” from bottom. Cut long this line. Repeat for other corner. 

With the side of the tote facing you, expand the bottom of the tote so that the raw edges of the two cuts you made are aligned, creating a “boxed” corner. Measure to insure the side seam is centered, then pin edges together. Sew seam allowance. Repeat for other corner.
Place piece aside for now. 

Creating the lining
Sew inside fabric pieces right side together. Leave the top open and a 6” opening on the bottom.
Repeat the steps you used previously to box the corners of the lining, however measure 3” from both the side and bottom seams to make your marks.

Attaching the lining to the tote
Turn the lining piece right side out and place inside the tote, right sides together. Make sure your straps are towards the inside, between the outside and inside pieces of the tote. Pin the top of the tote to the top of the lining, making sure to match the side seams of both and sew together.

Through the opening in the bottom of the lining, turn your tote right side out.

Finishing touches 
Measure 9.5” towards the top of the tote from seam that connects the bottom and side piece. At this point fold over the excess outside fabric to the inside. Iron the fold and pin your straps away from the opening. Topstitch the seam allow and around the opening.

Stitch the 6” opening in the lining closed using the slip stitch.

Enjoy your tote!

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