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Stylish things for the house with their own hands

Стильные вещи для дома своими руками
Home ... our beloved house! Stylish interior - the merit of the hostess at home. how to decorate your house, using fabrics and tapes, threads and beads? Embroidery, Sewing, Knitting - these are wand-baits for creative crafts. Decorate the interior, make it stylish!

Basket fabric Tutorial

Как сделать своими руками корзинку из ткани
Fabric basket ...

How to make a basket of cloth from your hands? Asian magazines and sites offer us a lot of original options! Look, what a delight!

A box for threads is the idea of storing coils with threads.

 How to store threads? Today I present to you a box for threads.

How to sew a pillow-cat patchwork?

How to sew a cat from shreds? And, not just a cat, but a patchwork cat pillow? We look at the pictures, we use the pattern and sew, following our fantasies and drawing inspiration from these lovely photoimages!