Box for needlework. DIY step-by-step tutorial.

Коробка для рукоделия. Box for needlework. DIY step-by-step tutorial. Such a box to have is a dream! and the house will be in order, and you can take the road with you.

Knit crochet bags.

Do we have a hook? So we will knit beautiful handbags!

Plaid from old sweaters.

Плед из старых свитеров
let's sew out of them such a designer warm winter plaid.

Christmas crafts

рукодельные новогодние идеи

Different handmade New Year's crafts. You'll like it!

Outline drawings for the painting, stained glass, batik

Контурные рисунки

Bag Patchwork

1 (510x690, 162Kb)
Various models of bags. Compilation

Padded Drawstring Bag Tutorial

Padded Drawstring Bag Tutorial  Padded Drawstring Bag with Slacker Casing. Free Tutorial

Beautiful bags: Schemes and Patterns. Sewing Ideas

Интересные сумки, схемы и выкройки.  Ideas bags, schemes and patterns. Many bags does not happen, right?   The mass of ideas and patterns for sewing bags - look carefully on and inspired by the full!