How To Make A Denim Quilt Using Old Jeans

How To Make A Denim Quilt Using Old Jeans

Denim Quilt made from Old Jeans. Free Sewing Tutorial & Pattern. How to Make a Jeans Denim Quilt. DIY

The shades, weights, and textures of each square in this quilt vary as your eye travels across its landscape. With its cotton velvet backing and substantial feel, it lends itself well to snuggling up with a favorite book or movie. As a decorative piece, its variety of colors and textural elements and with a few needle worked pieces thrown in, construct a handcrafted, contemporary quilt created of memories. The finished size is 40” wide by 52” long.

•Several pairs of children’s denim jeans (enough to cut (48) 61⁄2” squares)
•3 yards of fabric for backing and binding (we used Moda’s 54” cotton velvet)
•One crib-size cotton batting
•Thread to match denim
•Thread to match backing and binding fabric
•Denim needle for machine and thread for use with denim
•Plastic straight edge template
•Large rotary cutter
•Curved basting pins
•Optional: 6 1⁄2” square plastic template

1. Using the 6 1⁄2” square plastic template, start cutting out quilt squares from various locations on the children’s jeans. Be creative when cutting the quilt squares; refer to the picture of the quilt sample shown. We cut about half of the squares from plain, solid sections of the jeans and the other half from locations on the jeans that would include pockets, sections with seams, loops, patches, etc. An assortment of blocks makes the quilt more interesting.

2. Cut a total of 48 denim quilt squares.

1. On a large flat surface lay out the quilt squares, six across and eight down. Alternate the various colors and patterns of the denim squares until you like the look.

2. Once you are satisfied with your pattern, start stitching the squares together. With RST and using a  1⁄4” seam allowance, start  sewing the six across together. Repeat for each row of six until all eight rows are complete. After each row is complete, place it back on the flat surface in its original order. stitch together using a 1⁄4” seam allowance.

3. With RST, take row one and place it on row two, lining up at the seams, pin and stitch together using a 1⁄4” seam allowance. 

4. Next, place row two on top of row three, lining up at the seams, pin, and stitch until all eight rows are sewn together to form one complete quilt top. Set aside.

5. On a large flat surface unfold and lay out the crib batting. With the right side up, center and lay the completed denim quilt top over the cotton batting. Baste the two layers together. We used curved basting pins to baste the two layers together.

6. Using the denim colored sewing thread, machine quilt the denim quilt/batting top, using the stitch-in-the-ditch method. Stitch both the vertical and the horizontal seams of the quilt top. Set aside.

7. Again, on a large flat surface lay out the fabric backing with the wrong side up, center and lay the quilted denim quilt top on top of the backing. Following the denim quilt top’s raw edge, machine baste all three layers together at all four sides. After the three layers are machine basted together, trim the excess batting and backing fabric flush with the raw edge of the denim quilt top. Set aside.

8. To make the binding, cut several 8” wide strips on the straight grain of the remaining backing fabric. Cut enough strips to attach around the perimeter raw edge of the denim lap quilt.

9. Join the 8” wide strips with diagonal seams to make one continuous binding strip. Trim the excess fabric, leaving 1⁄2” seam allowances. Press the seam allowances open. Then, with the wrong sides together, fold the binding strip in half lengthwise and  press. SEE FIGS. A & B.

How To Make A Denim Quilt Using Old Jeans

How To Make A Denim Quilt Using Old Jeans

10. Beginning in the center of one side, place the binding strip against the right side of the quilt top, aligning the binding strip’s raw edges with the quilt top’s raw edge. Fold over the beginning of the binding strip about 1⁄2”. Stitch using a 3⁄8” seam allowance, through all layers, stopping 3⁄8” from the corner. Backstitch, and then clip the threads. Remove the quilt from under the sewing machine presser foot. SEE FIGS. C & D.

How To Make A Denim Quilt Using Old Jeans

How To Make A Denim Quilt Using Old Jeans

11. Fold the binding strip upward, creating a diagonal fold, and finger-press. SEE FIG. E.

How To Make A Denim Quilt Using Old Jeans

12. Holding the diagonal fold in place with your finger, bring the binding strip down in line with the next edge, making a horizontal fold that aligns with the top edge of the quilt. Start sewing again at the top of the horizontal fold, stitching through all layers. Sew around the quilt, turning each corner in the same manner. When you return to the starting point, lap the binding strip end over the beginning fold.  SEE FIG. F.

13. Turn the binding over the edge to the back of the quilt. This will create a binding strip approximately 1 3⁄4” wide. Hand-stitch the binding to the backing fabric, making sure to cover any machine stitching. To make mitered corners on the back, hand-stitch the binding up to a corner; fold a miter in the binding. Take a stitch or two in the  fold to secure it. Then stitch the binding in place up to the next corner. Finish each corner in the same manner.

How To Make A Denim Quilt Using Old Jeans

How To Make A Denim Quilt Using Old Jeans

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