Simple Wallet Tutorial and Pattern

Simple Wallet Tutorial and Pattern

This is the perfect wallet that can be sewed as a gift.  You can also stash some cash in it as a bonus surprise! The kids will love carrying this wallet to school too to keep their cash safe. Make this wallet in one of your kid’s favorite fabric and they will love their new wallet!


Download the pattern templates


Cut your required pieces for each wallet - two main pieces, two pocket pieces from fabrics & two main and two pocket INTERFACING from interfacing. I like Pellon Decor Bond 809.

Fuse the interfacing to the wrong side of the corresponding pieces. Press the pocket pieces in half at the edge of the interfacing. Pin the pocket pieces in place with the folded edges towards the center of the main wallet fabric section.

Pin the main wallet piece to the wallet/wallet pocket piece right sides together. Mark the section to leave free of stitching on the wrong side, follow the lines marked on the pattern piece (next to one set of side notches).

Sew the wallet around the outside edge, using a 3/8" seam allowance, leave the space between the marks free of stitching. Pivot at the corners. Clip the excess seam allowance at the corners.

Turn the wallet right side out...don't worry! You CAN turn it, just pull slowly :) you won't break it! You can carefully use a chopstick or turning tool to fully get those corners turned out. 

Simple Wallet Tutorial and Pattern

Press the wallet flat, be sure the seam allowances at the opening are turned to the inside/wrong side of the wallet and topstitch around the outside edges a scant 1/8" from the finished edge.

Fold the wallet pocket sides together and press a nice crease.

Simple Wallet Tutorial and Pattern

The wallet is ready to use, one for him and one for her! This slim wallet is the perfect size for your essentials.

Simple Wallet Tutorial and Pattern

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