Simple Tote Bag Tutorial

Simple Tote Bag Tutorial

Simple Sewn Tote. Free Sewing Tutorial. This simple tote was made entirely using remnant fabric. I used vinyl for the lining so that I could use this tote for groceries if needed.

How can I make this tote? Glad you asked! Here's how it's done:


I chose a grey blue remnant I purchased  for $2.00 and some left over (came by honestly) remnant vinyl in grey-blue with a white pattern. For the handles I chose some scraps of linen I had lying around in a darker, contrasting colour. I had to sew these handle scraps together to get the length I needed. 

All cuts include a 1 inch seam allowance.

Front/Back: 20 x 15 (cut four times, two exteriors and two interiors).
Sides: 8 x 15  (cut four times, two exteriors and two interiors).
Bottom: 20 x 8  (cut two times, one exterior and one interior) I did my interior and exterior in vinyl.
Handles: go nuts, whatever you want, however you want

Once you have cut everything you need, sew you interiors to their matching exteriors and trim edges neatly. Now you have five pieces (excluding handles). Set aside the bottom, and prepare to sew a fold over on the top edge of each side and front/back. The fold will eat up two inches of fabric: fold over one inch, and then fold another, pin. 

Sewn down the edge twice for good measure, as seen in the above photo. 

Once you have all of your top edges folded and sewn prepare your handles. You will need two. You can play around with the length and where they will be attached, or how thick you want them.

I folded them in half and then tucked in the edges, pinned and sewed them up with just one off-centre seam. No need to worry about symmetry, you will have better seam balance when they are attached to the bag.

Placing your fabric front to front begin to join front to side to back to side, and finally, bottom. Trim your seams as small as you can and turn your bag inside-right. 

Pin your handles the way you like them and sew them on. If you have them attaching much closer to the top than mine are, you may just want to reinforce the ends with some X stitching.

All done!

Simple Tote Bag Tutorial

Simple Tote Bag Tutorial

Simple Tote Bag Tutorial

Simple Tote Bag Tutorial

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