Becca Handbag – Free Sewing Tutorial

Becca Handbag – Free Sewing Tutorial

Free and very detailed quilted tote tutorial.  Love the pleated trim sewn around the opening, and the applique as embellishment!  This quilted tote was named Becca and her finished size should be 12 ½” high x 13” wide x 4” deep.  Her handle height is 10” from the top of the tote bag. 


4 different coordinating fabrics (¼ yard each) or 20 Honey Bun strips
½ yard fabric for lining and inside pocket
½ yard fabric for handles
¼ yard fabric for ruffle

5” square piece of fabric for flower
1” square piece of fabric for center of flower
19” x 30” batting
1 yard fusible interfacing
20” eyelash yarn
1 fusible sheet (at least 9” x 11”)
Snap (optional)

*** Read all instructions first. ***
*** All seams are ½” unless otherwise noted. ***
*** Always back stitch when sewing two fabrics together. ***

Exterior of Bag:

1.  Cut 20 1 ½” strips of fabric from the assorted ¼ yard fabrics.  Skip this step if you are using Honey Bun strips.

2.  Arrange the strips in a pleasing manner.  Pin and sew the strips together using ¼” seam allowance.

3.  Iron all seams in one direction.

4.  Cut off selvage from one side.

5.  Measure 29” from this cut edge and cut.  When done correctly, you will have a piece measuring about 19“ x 29”.  Set aside the leftover piece for later use.

6.  Lay the 19“ x 29” on top of batting, right side facing up.  The batting should be larger than sewn piece.  It is very important that the batting be larger to accommodate shrinkage.

7.  Pin these two layers together.  The best way to do this is to start in center and pin every 4” or so, smoothing the top piece as you go.

8.  Quilt as desired. I chose to sew wavy lines along every other seam.  HINT:  If you want your stitches to show or stand out, use contrasting thread.

9.  Cut this quilted piece to 18” x 28”.

10. Take the 5” square of fabric and iron a fusible backing.

11. Iron a fusible backing to the scrap piece of fabric for the center of the flower.

12. Place the 5” square piece of fabric over the flower shape and the scrap fabric over center circle shape on the Funky Flower die (#55042). Hint: If you do not have a Go! Cutter ®, cut a flower shape and a flower center.

13. Run through the Go! Cutter®.

14. Take off the paper backing from both pieces.  Place the flower shape 2 ½” down from top, raw edge and 4” from side, raw edge of sewn/quilted piece.

15. Sew a blanket stitch (or any other decorative stitch) around the flower shape.

16. Wrap the eyelash yarn around your fingers 3 or 4 times.

17. Place in center of flower shape and tack down.

18. Iron on flower center.  Blanket stitch (or any other decorative stitch) around flower center.  Cut the loops of the eyelash yarn and trim as desired.

19. Fold sewn/quilted piece in half width wise, right sides together.

20. Pin and sew down the both side seams starting from top, raw edges and finishing at the bottom, folded edge.

21. Iron or finger press side seams open.

22. Create a box bottom by marking the corners with a 1 ½” square.  Cut on marked lines. 

23. Pinch side seam and bottom center together so that they are aligned.

24. Pin and sew.  Reinforce by sewing a zig zag stitch over raw edge.  

25. Repeat on the other side.

26. Turn bag, right side out and set aside.

Becca Handbag – Free Sewing Tutorial


1.   Cut 2 3” strips from the fabric for the ruffle.

2.   Place the two cut strips at a 45 ˚, right sides together.  Draw a diagonal line.

3.   Sew on top of this line.

4.   Cut off excess, leaving a ¼” seam allowance.

5.   Press seam open.

6.   Fold the 3” strip, wrong sides together, so that it now measures 1 ½” wide.  Iron.

7.   Take the two ends and sew them together by repeating steps 2 - 5.  If done correctly, you will now have a circle of fabric.  Hint:  Make sure that you do not twist this strip before sewing the two ends together. 

8.   Divide this piece into four sections.  The easiest way to do this is to fold this circular piece in half.  Place pins on each folded end.

9.   Refold by placing these 2 pins on top of one other.

10. Place pins on the folded ends.  You should have 4 pins in all.  These markings will be used to center the ruffle on the bag.

11. Baste along the raw edges using ¼” seam allowance.   Hint:  A ruffle foot makes this step easy.  If your sewing machine has one, set the dial on 2. 

12. Pull the thread to create a ruffle that will fit along the top edge of the bag.

13. Pin ruffle to right side of bag using the marking pins as guides.  The four pins should be aligned with the left side seam, center bag front, right side seam, and center bag back.

14. Sew ruffle in place using a ¼” seam allowance. 


1.  Cut 2 8” x 26” from the handle fabric.

2.  Take one of the handles and fold this piece in half lengthwise, wrong sides together.  Iron to form a crease.

3.  Unfold and refold raw edges of fabric toward the ironed center crease.

4.  Fold again towards center so that raw edges are hidden.

5.  Pin and sew as close to the folded edge as possible.

6.  Take one raw edge of handle and place on top raw edge of bag, right sides together, 3 ½” from side.  Pin in place.  Repeat on the other side of bag with the other raw edge of handle.  Make sure that the handle is not twisted.

7.  Baste in place using ¼” seam.

8.  Repeat with the other handle on the other side of bag.

9. Set aside.

Inside Pocket:

1.  Cut 5 ½” x 7” (h x w) from leftover sewn/quilted piece.

2.  Cut 5 ½” x 7” (h x w) from lining fabric.

3.  Cut 2 5 ½” x 7” (h x w) from interfacing.

4.  Iron interfacing to wrong side of leftover sewn/quilted piece and lining fabric.

5.  Pin these two pieces, right sides together.

6.  Sew around all four sides, leaving a 2” opening for turning, using a ¼” seam allowance.

7.  Clip corners.

8.  Turn right-side out and press (finger or iron).

9.  Sew the 2” opening closed.

10. Set aside.


1.  Cut 18” x28” from lining fabric and interfacing.

2.  Iron interfacing to wrong side of fabric.

3.  Turn over and iron on right side of fabric to smooth out wrinkles.

4.  Place pocket on the right side of lining, 3” down from top and 5 ¾” from sides.

5.  Sew the left, bottom, and right sides of pocket to lining top (leave the top of pocket open).

6.  Fold lining piece in half, right sides together and pin in place.

7.  Sew both side seams (14”).

8.  Iron seams open.

9.  Create a box bottom by marking the corners with a 1 ½” square.  Cut on marked lines.

10. Pinch center seam and bottom center together.  Pin in place.

11. Sew and trim seam to ¼”.

12. Sew a zig-zag stitch across raw edge to secure.

13.  Repeat on other side.
14.  Center and attach snap according to manufacturer’s instructions.  Hint:  Placing a small 2” square piece of scrap fabric (or interfacing) between each snap piece is recommended.  

Bag Assembly:

1.  Place outside of bag into lining, making sure that right sides are together. The handles should be sandwiched between the exterior of bag and lining.  The inside pocket should be facing the back of bag.  Pin in place.

2.  Sew around top leaving a 5” or larger for turning.  Hint:  Reinforcing the handles at this time is highly recommended.

3.  Turn right side out.

Becca Handbag – Free Sewing Tutorial

4.  Push lining into exterior of bag and pin the top border of bag.

5.  Top stitch the top of bag 1/8” down from top, making sure that the handle is pulled away from the inside of bag.  Also, make sure to close the 5” opening used for turning.

6.  Congratulations, you are done.

Becca Handbag – Free Sewing Tutorial

Becca Handbag – Free Sewing Tutorial

Becca Handbag – Free Sewing Tutorial

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  1. The tutorial is FANTASTIC-very detailed one,as I've suspected:-)
    I haven't realised that over one,looking simple enough bag there might be so much work to do!But the effect is fabulous!I like the applique and the finishing.Also the sunny colours are incredibly optimistic.I'm only afraid-I'm not good at sewing so well as You,but I've watched and read the tuto with pleasure:-)