Fussy Cut Zipper Pouch Tutorial

Fussy Cut Zipper Pouch Tutorial + Pattern

I LOVE a good zipper pouch!!  I know there a ton of zipper pouch tutorials out there but I was asked by a very special person to do one, so here it is!  :)

Fussy Cut Zipper Pouch Tutorial + Pattern

Here is your list of needed materials.  Some of them do not specify measurements because everyones measurements will be different depending on the image you choose to fussy cut.  Don't worry!!  I will show you exactly how to figure out what to cut!

materials needed:

    small piece of fabric to fussy cut (nothing too large scale)
    scraps at least 1" wide to use as sashing for the fussy cut image (the length will depend on the size of your fussy cut piece)
    scraps of osnaburg, linen, or other background fabric for exterior of pouch and zipper ends (a fat quarter would be plenty)
    lining fabric (a fat quarter would be plenty)
    9" zipper
    2 pieces of fusible interfacing (I prefer Pellon SF101) measuring 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" each
    zipper foot
    rotary cutter and quilter's ruler.  One that measures 6" wide is super useful here!!!

Let's cut our other pieces and then we can make the fussy cut exterior piece!  Here are the measurements that you will need to cut:

    out of the osnaburg or linen you will cut one piece that measures 6" x 9" for the back of the pouch. You also need to cut 2 zipper end pieces that measure 1 1/2" x 2 1/2" each.
    cut your 2 lining pieces to 6" x 9"
    I gave the measurement for the interfacing above (2 pieces that each measure 5 1/2" x 8 1/2")

*** all seam allowances are 1/4"***

Now let's make your fussy cut exterior piece!!!

Take your cute image and lay it on your cutting mat.  Make sure it is pressed very well, you will always get a nicer cut if there are no wrinkles!  Using your gridded quilting ruler line up the image so that the edge of the image you want to fussy cut is 1/2" away from the edge of your ruler.  You could do each side separately but I always do 2 sides at a time.  I feel like I am sure to get a good square edge that way.

See how in the above photo the top of the hanger and the left hand corner of the dress (I know you can't really see because it's under the 3 but trust me) are both 1/2" away from your cutting edge.  That's what you want!  Now cut carefully along those two sides and then do the same with the other two edges so that you end up with something like this.

Now we need to start adding some sashing around the image.  You can use a different fabric for each side for a scrappy look or use the same fabric all the way around like I did here.  Since I was using one print for my sashing, I cut one strip that measured 1" x WOF.  You just want your strips to be 1" wide so that you end up with 1/2" sashing all the way around your image.  

I always start at the bottom but you can start on whatever side you like.  Line up the raw edges of your fussy cut piece and your sashing strip, right sides together.

Sew these together and then trim the sashing even with your fussy cut image.

Now press your seam.  I always press my seams open but if you prefer to press them to one side go for it!  :)

Now continue the same process working around your fussy cut piece in a counter clockwise direction until there is sashing on all 4 sides.  You should then have something that looks like this.

Now we need to add the osnaburg or linen.  Decide where you want your fussy cut piece on the front of your pouch and go from there.  I always place mine left of center for some reason.  I need to branch out a little!  :)

You want your final piece to measure 6" tall and 9" wide.  I generally place a strip on the top and bottom and then on the left and the right so that I end up with something like this.  I am aways generous with the osnaburg too so that I can tweak the placement a little if I want.

In general, I try to leave at least 1" of osnaburg on each side (1 1/2" if possible).  Now you want to cut this piece down so that it measures 6" x 9".

Fussy Cut Zipper Pouch Tutorial + Pattern

Now with all of your pieces cut, you will have this!

Fussy Cut Zipper Pouch Tutorial + Pattern

If you want to add any hand stitching, this would be the time!!

Fussy Cut Zipper Pouch Tutorial + Pattern

Fuse the interfacing to the wrong sides of your two exterior pieces.  Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of that step.

To make your zipper ends, take your two pieces and iron them in half along the width (short side).  Open it up and fold each end in up toward the crease and press.

Fold it all back up and press again.  You will end up with two zipper ends that look like this.

Take your zipper and get the end with the zipper pull on it.  It will have 2 small metal stops.  Trim that end of the zipper just a tad so that when you sandwich the zipper end over the zipper those tiny metal parts just peek out.  You just want to make sure you don't hit them with your needle when you sew on the zipper end.   Pin on the zipper end to hold it in place.

You are going to now trim the other side of the zipper.  You want the zipper, with the ends attached, to measure exactly 8 1/2" from one zipper end to the other.  Trim the zipper and pin on your other zipper end.

Stitch the zipper ends very close to the edge and then trim them to the same width as the zipper.

Now we are ready to assemble our pouch!!!

Take your fussy cut exterior piece and place it right side up on your work surface.  Center your zipper, wrong side up, on your exterior piece with the zipper pull on the left.  I always open mine but you don't have to, just one of my quirky things.  :)  Align the raw edge of the exterior piece with the long edge of the zipper. 

Fussy Cut Zipper Pouch Tutorial + Pattern

Now take one of your lining pieces and place it wrong side up on top of your zipper lining up the raw edges.  Pin in place.

Put the zipper foot on your machine.  You will, obviously, not be able to see the zipper but you will be able to feel it through the lining.  You want to sew as close to the zipper teeth as possible without hitting them.  You will need to stop, with your needle down, and lift your presser foot so that you can wiggle the zipper pull out of the way when you get to it.  Then continue sewing, making sure that you backstitch at the beginning and end.

Flip the lining over so that now the wrongs sides of the exterior and lining are touching and the other side of the zipper is exposed.

We are now going to repeat the same process with the other exterior and lining pieces.  Lay the other exterior piece face up on your work surface then your zipper wrong side up, this time with the zipper pull on the right, and then your lining piece wrong side up.  See the photo below for a visual!  Pin well.  You will now have something that looks like this.

Fussy Cut Zipper Pouch Tutorial + Pattern

Sew along the zipper just as you did before making sure you stop with the needle down to move the zipper pull out of the way.

Flip the pieces so that the wrong sides are together and press well. 

I like to leave my zipper foot on to topstitch on either side of the zipper.  I use the edge of my zipper foot as a guide but you could also put your all purpose foot back on at this point if you like.

Topstitch on either side of the zipper stopping with the needle down and lifting up your presser foot to move your zipper pull out of the way.

Almost finished!  We are going to sew the pouch together now.  First, OPEN UP YOUR ZIPPER!!!!  It is such a pain if you forget!  :)  If you didn't change back to your all purpose foot in the last step, do so now.  Flip the layers so that the two exterior pieces are right sides together and the two lining pieces are right sides together.  

I always start pinning at the zipper ends and then match all of the sides and corners.  When you pin by the zipper ends push the zipper end toward the lining.  Pin around the whole pouch well. 

Make sure you mark about 3" at the bottom of the lining to leave open so that you can turn your pouch right side out.

Sew all around the pouch starting and stopping at the marks you made above.

To make your zipper ends look as nice as possible, you want to sew as close to them as possible WITHOUT actually catching them.  In the picture below you can see what I mean.  You want your needle to go right next to that folded zipper end but not catch it. 

Clip your corners and turn your pouch right side out through the opening in your lining. Gently push out your corners and then stitch the opening in the lining closed.

Add a cute ribbon to your zipper tab and you are all finished!!  :)

Fussy Cut Zipper Pouch Tutorial + Pattern

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