Reversible Fabric Basket Tutorial

Reversible Fabric Basket Tutorial

I'd like to introduce you to the newest member of our household. Please meet, The Fabric Basket. Not only is he reversible, but friendly and useful too.  Not to mention fast and easy to make.

Reversible Fabric Basket Tutorial

Want one for your very own?  Then let's get crackin'!


1 piece of outside fabric cut to 11" x 11"
1 piece of inside fabric cut to 11" x 11"
1 piece of felt cut to 11" x 11"
8 pieces of twill tape (or ribbon--whatevs), each measuring 5" long
general sewing supplies

Step 1: Sew your felt together (optional)

My felt pieces weren't quite big enough to cut into an 11" x 11" piece, so I just pushed two edges of the felt together and ran them through the machine like that (side by side), sewing a zigzag stitch to hold them in place.

I wasn't super careful and the zigzag went more to one side or the other in some spots, but it got the job done just fine.  And now my felt is sewn together without the big lump of felt seam allowances.  Always a great feature.

Step 2: Layer and pin

Place your felt piece on a cutting mat.  (This isn't necessary, of course, but it's helpful if you have one.)

I lined mine up at 1/2" marks to make the next couple of steps easier.

Next, place your piece of fabric (doesn't matter which one) directly on top of your felt piece, making sure the edges are aligned.  (Both pieces of fabric I used didn't have a right side or a wrong side, but if your fabric does, make sure the right side is facing up here.)

(Now, this is the part where it's helpful to have your fabric pieces lined up on the 1/2" marks.)

Measure 2 1/2" in from one corner.  Lay one of your ties (pieces of twill tape or ribbon) at the 2 1/2" mark, with about 1/2" of tie hanging off the edge of the fabric.  Pin in place.  (See above photo if that's confusing.)

Continue with remaining ties.  Each tie should be 2 1/2" from its corresponding corner.

Finally, lay your remaining fabric piece on top, making sure all fabric edges are aligned.  (Again, it didn't matter with my fabric, but if your fabric has a right/wrong side, make sure the right side is facing down here--so the right sides will be facing each other.)

Pin fabric layers together...

...making sure to leave a 4" opening on one side.

Step 3: Sew around the edges

Using a 1/2" seam allowance, sew all the way around the edges, except--of course--for your 4" opening.  Make sure to leave that, well, open.

Step 4: Clip corners

Carefully snip off the excess fabric at each corner, making sure not to cut through your stitching.

Step 5: Turn and press

Turn right side out, making sure to poke those little corners out.
(I use a crochet hook to poke out the corners, but a pencil or chopstick would work too.)

Press flat so it's nice and crisp.
Make sure to press the seam allowance inside your opening.

Step 6: Edgestitch

Pin the opening shut, making sure the seam allowances are tucked neatly inside.

Edgestitch (sew at 1/8" seam allowance) all the way around the perimeter.

Step 7: Tie at corners

Reversible Fabric Basket Tutorial

Tie ties together into a bow.

Reversible Fabric Basket Tutorial

Do this at each corner.

And you're done!

Reversible Fabric Basket Tutorial

Reversible Fabric Basket Tutorial

Now the hardest part is just deciding which side you want on the outside and on the inside.

Well, that... and what to put in it.

Keys, sewing supplies, mail to be sorted, treats for a party...

Reversible Fabric Basket Tutorial

This particular little basket was made with a very specific purpose.  
And that purpose was Jahtzee.  (a.k.a. "Yahtzee") But we call it Jahtzee 'cuz we're cool like that.

Bryan and I have become avid Yahtzee players.  We play at almost every meal that we eat together.  
But sometimes Olivia is sleeping when we play. And dice on the table can get a little noisy.
Also, the Yahtzee box is ugly.  (Sorry Yahtzee people, but it's true.)

Reversible Fabric Basket Tutorial

Now we have pretty Yahtzee storage.  :)

It can stay out on the table and look pretty.  Or it can be untied, collapsed, and stuffed into the ugly box for easy storage too.

What will you put in yours?

Reversible Fabric Basket Tutorial

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