Merry Mushroom Felt Ornament Tutorial

Merry Mushroom  Felt Ornament Tutorial & Pattern
 How to make your very own hand-sewn "Merry Mushroom" felt ornament. Tutorial & Pattern

Merry Mushroom  Felt Ornament Tutorial & Pattern

I designed this little plush mushroom to accompany the hedgehogs, owls, and (also new this year) foxes that make up the woodland set so far. It's been fun stitching these little guys up, all the while coming up with fun color combos and adding embroidered embellishments, so I thought I would share the pattern with you guys.

Merry Mushroom  Felt Ornament Tutorial & Pattern

Merry Mushroom  Felt Ornament Tutorial & Pattern

The pattern, instructions, and detailed material list for the Merry Mushroom ornament can be downloaded here:

Merry Mushroom PDF PATTERN

Prior to printing your pattern, make sure in your printer settings that your page scaling is set to "none" or 100% to ensure the pattern pieces print true to size.

Merry Mushroom  Felt Ornament


- 3 sheets of wool felt in three cordinating colors (for the cap, stem, and spots)
- Sew-on or saftey eyes (roughly 6mm)
- Embroidery floss or perle cotton (for mouth and to sew all pieces together)
- Ribbon, baker’s twine, or thick perle cotton (for hanger)

 - Cut out felt pieces, cutting two pieces each for the stem and cap.

- Overlap the cap on top of the stem using the diagram as a guide, hand stitch in place and repeat for the second stem and cap.

- Take the front body piece and stitch the spots onto the cap using the diagram as a guild.

- Mark the position of the eyes and either sew in place, or if using saftey eyes, punch a small hole through the felt for the eye post. Secure with provided washer.

- Stitch the mouth using embroidery floss or perle cotton. If you would like to embellish your mushroom with embroidery, beads, or other decorative touches; add it now.

- Lay the front body piece on top of the back (wrong sides together) and start blanket stitching around the body, beginning at the left corner of the stem and cap, and ending at the top middle. Do not tie off.

- Double knot together the ends of your hanger material to create a loop and position the knotted end inside the body at the top. Stitch the knot in place or continue stitching around edge of the body, making sure to catch the loop securely.

- Stuff with polyfill or batting, and finish sewing around the edge.

Merry Mushroom  Felt Ornament Tutorial & Pattern

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