Bias Tape Tote Bag Tutorial

 Beginner’s Bias Tape Bag Tote with Free Downloadable Pattern & Tutorial

Bias Tape Tote Bag Tutorial


Pattern Download
1 yard fabric for outer bag (medium-heavyweight canvas is best, if you are using thinner fabric, I’d recommend interfacing it with heavyweight fusible like DecorBond or CraftFuse)
1 yard fabric for lining (similar in weight to your bag fabric)
1 package double-fold bias tape in a color that coordinates with your fabric
Sewing stuff:

1. Print out PATTERN on regular letter paper and cut out around lines, making sure to cut out triangle-shaped bits at bottom for darts.

2. Pin pattern piece on the fold of your fabric and cut around it, repeat once more to get your 2 outer bag pieces. Cut 2 7.5″ pieces of bias binding, and one 2-yard piece of bias binding, set aside for later.

3. Pin pattern piece on fold of your lining fabric and cut around it, then repeat so you have two lining fabric pieces

4. Bring together the raw edges of one dart section and pin together, putting the pins at a right angle to the dart.

Sew together using a 1/2″ seam allowance.

Repeat to stitch remaining darts on all pieces.

5. Pin bag front and back right sides together being sure to match up the darts.

Stitch three long bottom sides together using a 1/2″ seam allowance.

6. Pin lining front and back right sides together and stitch using a 1/2″ seam allowance.

7. Slip lining into bag, wrong sides together.

8. Pin one 7.5″ piece of bias binding across one of the flat, top edges of bag, sandwiching bag fabric and lining between bias tape edges.

9. Stitch close to the bottom fold of the bias tape, through all thicknesses.

10. Repeat on remaining top edge.

11. Starting at one side seam, begin pinning bias binding over the raw edge of the bag and lining.

12. When you reach the bias-covered top of the bag, pin over the raw short edge and bias tape that binds it, and then begin pinning the bias tape together for 20″ to form the handle,

When you’re done with the handle, bring the bias tape down to the other end of the bag top and continuing to pin along the raw edge of the bag.

13. Continue binding the bag together, being sure to repeat step 12 for the second handle.

14. When you return to where you started, turn the raw end of the bias tape you’re using to the wrong side 1/2″, then pin it so that it overlaps the raw edge of bias tape where you began.

15. Stitch down the bias binding you just pinned to the bag, sewing close to the bottom fold. once it is all stitched up, you’re done! And because there is no visible inner seam joining the bag and lining, it is reversible!

Bias Tape Tote Bag Tutorial

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