Easy Zipper Box Bag Tutorial | Crochet | Sewing, DIY Pouch

 Zipper Box Bag Tutorial | knit and crochet versions

 Suggested yarn:
• Pierrot Yarns Heat+ [100% polyester; 113 yds/103m per 1.41 oz./40g cone];   
• version A (knit): color #04 lemon yellow, 2 cones [65g]   
• version B (crochet): color #02 salmon, 3 cones [85g]

• version A (knit):   
• 5.7mm (approx. US 9) knitting needles or size necessary to achieve gauge

• both versions:   
• 3.5mm (US E) crochet hook or size necessary to achieve gauge   
• 1 zipper (20cm/7.87") per pouch   
• cardboard (for blocking)   
• sewing thread in matching color   
• sewing needle

Finished measurements:
• width 8.5cm/3.35"      
• length 15cm/5.91"
• heighth 8.5cm/3.35"

Gauge (10cm/4" square):
• single crochet (US) stitch: 28 sts and 34.5 rows
• reverse stockinette stitch: 19 sts and 26.5 rows

※Note: stitch counts given here for crochet foundation chains do not include any chain sts needed for turning posts.

Version  A: 
With  2  strands  of  yarn  held  together,  work  crochet  chain  cast-on  method.  Continue  in  reverse stockinette  stitch.  Bind  off  on  knit  side.  Place  markers  at  sides  where  indicated  to  aid  in  folding  pouch  during finishing.

Version B:
With one strand of yarn, work foundation chain to begin. Work in sc. Place markers at sides where indicated to aid in folding pouch during finishing.

With dry iron, block into shape from wrong side. Apply steam iron to cast-on and bind-off edges until they harden, then sew zipper in place. Create cardboard dummy (see finishing schematics) to aid in blocking. Insert cardboard dummy into pouch so that right side of fabric is facing out. Block from right side with steam iron. Finish ends of pouch by folding and seaming as indicated. Apply steam iron to right side again until fabric is stiffened.

BO = bind off
ch = chain
CO = cast on
pm = place marker
sc = single crochet (US)
st st = stockinette stitch

Body of pouch

 1) Block with dry iron on wrong side. (Do not use steam at this stage.)

 2) Apply steam iron to CO and BO rows until fabric is stiff. Sew zipper in place with half backstitch.

 3) Make a cardboard dummy to aid in blocking.

 4) Insert cardboard dummy into fabric tube. Block with steam iron

 5) Fold ends, first ➀, then ➁, and seam in place.

 6) Seam edges where folding ➂and ➃meet. Tack down ➀and ➁along dotted lines so that the flaps don't stick out.

 7) Apply steam iron to right side once again to stiffen fabric.

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