Bag of old jeans

 What to do if jeans are wiped, but it is a pity to throw them out? We suggest you sew a bag of old jeans with your own hands!
Bag of old jeans

 The bag is characterized by simplicity of sewing and original design.

Focusing on the scheme, make a pattern on paper:

 A leg from the old jeans is cut off and unpacked on one side along the side seam. Similarly, the second one is being torn down. You should have canvases from which you can cut out the parts of the bag.
 Details of the bag are folded face to face and stitched on one side only, making an indent of 10 mm from the edge.
 The tuck on each cut is folded in half, perpendicular to the seam. The position of the material is fixed with decorative needles, then stitched strictly along the line. The tuck is desirable to perform one seam. After all this, it is necessary to iron out the seams and unscrew the bag.
 Cut pockets, sew them from the side seam on both sides. Position you choose yourself, depending on the size of the pockets.
 Next, it is ruffled. A 1.2 x 0.7 m strip is cut out of the fabric. The edges are stitched so that the material does not crumble. Over the entire length of the strip, small folds are plucked, fixed, and then sewn on a sewing machine.
 From jeans cut off the belt and yoke. The yoke on trouser items is a triangle of fabric that is sewn into the back. The ruff, obtained in the previous paragraph, is sewn under the part cut from the reverse side, so that it peeps out from under the yoke about 30 mm.
 A yoke with a belt is sewn onto the upper part of the bag in the role of an appliqué, while cutting off the extra pieces, if any. Since the yoke itself is curving, it is necessary to sew it as it will fall on the material. Cut parts are fastened overlap.
 Straps for the bag are woven.
 The tips of each strap are wrapped in edged jeans. So straps become slightly flat and longer from the edges.
 Handles of a bag are sewn in places marked from the inside.
 The bag will look more spectacular if you decorate it with grommets or beads.
 Now you can easily sew a bag of old jeans by yourself.

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