Sewing Box Tutorial

 This box is really good for ribbons, balls, beads, threads, etc. Free Tutorial.

Sewing Box Tutorial
  You need:

- bindery cardboard 2.2 mm thick and bindery cardboard 0.9 mm
- watercolour paper, Kraft paper
- polyester batting
- Moment Gel glue, PVA glue
- cotton, gabardine
- decorative cord
- knife, scissors, awl, needle, thread, iron

 Make the sizes you need — this depends on the thickness of cardboard you use.
Make such blanks:
  Make stripes out of Kraft paper —10 pieces about 30 cm:
  Steam iron them in the middle to make a convex shape and avoid breaks or cracks, let them dry after a while:
 Use the Kraft stripes to glue the parts:
 Decorate using glue, make the sides soft:

 I decided to decorate the top this way:
 Glue and sew it:
 Add a tassel:
 And adorn the inside part:
 I decided to make a decorative pocket inside on the lid:
 The joints are decorated with twisted cord, this turned out very beautiful :)
 Closing the lid of the box, put out the tail from the inside of the veneer and glued it to the top of the cover, it will be an additional latch, like safe, to give additional strength to the product.
 Then make a backside out of two pieces:
 Wrap them in fabric and glue to their places:
 Now add some more cord and the box is ready!
 I glued satin ribbon for the lid easily slid up and down:

author: Yuliya Zhdanova
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