Small Bag or Gift Bag Tutorial

 Sew small bags yourself as a gift bag or whatever.
Small Bag or Gift Bag Tutorial

 Cut out of woven or poplin two rectangles of 22.5 cm x 30 cm. You also need two cords of 80 cm each per bag. I used paracord here, but every other type of cord does it too. Make sure that if you're using a very thick cord, you may need to make the drawstring slightly larger.

Smooths the side and bottom edges of both rectangles with the overlock or with a zigzag stitch.

 Then you put the two rectangles right to right on each other and make a small mark left and right each 4 cm below the top. Sew off the mark once down, following the red line. Make sure that you sew well at the beginning and at the end, otherwise the side seam breaks up again. Sew about a foot wide from the edge, always far enough away from your serging seam.
 Iron the seam on both sides a bit on the side. Then you fold down the edge from above 4-5 mm and iron it over.
 Now you fold the edge down by another 2 cm and iron the edges nicely smooth again. Turn your fabric around and repeat the step on the other side.

Do not tie the drawstring until you are done ironing. Pins will interfere with ironing only.

 So that should look something like the side seams.
 Now sew around the bag in a tight-edged manner, preferably on the inside.
 Now you just have to pull in the drawstring. To do this you attach a safety pin to one end of the cord (not so far forward, otherwise the cord frayed when pulling in) and pull it once around the bag around the drawstring until you get out on the same side again. Do exactly the same thing with the other piece of cord, just from the other side.
 Knot the ends, cut them off nicely, and - if you've used a polyester cord or paracord - lightly flare the ends off with a lighter so they do not fray.
 Tadaaa, your bag is ready!
 You can use these pouches for anything else: for a photo in a purse, for a charger in a suitcase when traveling, for headphones, for whatever else in bags, suitcases or children's rooms would fly around loosely ...

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  1. Bonsoir et merci pour ce tuto, cordialement

  2. hello! What is the final size of the bag?
    Thank you for the tutorial😍