Fabric Storage Basket

Fabric Storage Basket with Handles DIY Tutorial
Easy fabric basket that will help you get organized.

Dimensions of the basket in finished form - height 15 cm, width 14 cm.
We cut out details baskets. Seam allowance - 1 cm. Therefore, to the right size, we add 2 cm (2 seam).
Details of the linen-sealing adhesive.
On the printer prints the pattern handle (in any graphics program, draw an oval the size you want - this is the pattern). We transfer the pattern on the outer part of the flax.
Fold sheeting (lining) and linen (outer part), do seam oval borders.
From the details of the linen pinned padding polyester.
We turn to the side of the sheeting and the top of the first weld seam do the second. From the padding polyester seen only one seam
Cut out the middle of the oval and the corners make cuts, like this:
to turn out:
We iron out hot iron with steam (a lot of steam). It turns out like this:
Similarly, do the second part with a handle.
The sides of the basket without holes for handles I decorated with applications:

We pinned them padding polyester and connect details with handles and details with applications.
Sew only linen + padding polyester, calico (lining not touch).
By the end of the seam not to bring, stop for 1 cm to end. IT IS IMPORTANT!!!

It turns out that's such streak. Stitches iron out.
View from the inside out:
The second details is sewn with handles and connect to the ring. All seams iron out.

If you turn, you see already something like a basket):

Connecting details Lining. Internal details Let's make a seam at a distance of 1.2 - 1.5 cm from the edge, but it depends on the thickness of boards of the basket.

In this case, the seal is used for padding polyester - it gives volume, so the inner basket do a little less.

Connecting details :

Stitches iron out. It turns out like this:
On the other hand, it looks like this:
Details Lining connect as follows:

Pin Up and make a seam.

Just as in foreign details - until the end of the seam not to bring, stop for 1 cm to end. IT IS IMPORTANT!!!

to turn out and iron out:
Similarly, we do the second seam:
Making the bottom of the basket. To do this, connect calico, stiffening cloth and padding polyester - this will be the bottom of the outer detail. And one detail of calico is for Lining.
On the edge of paving the connecting seam.
Quilt for hardness:

We sew the bottom. We connect external details. Remember, we left 1 cm? Now we have a very handy:
Similarly sewn inside the bottom:

Cut away the excess on the corners:

To our basket was flat from the inside, it is necessary to fix the inside of the basket.
To do this, connect the inner and outer bottom of the basket.

Take the inner bottom of the basket and bend down it to the external bottom (from the details with handles). IT IS IMPORTANT!!!
If done from the side with the applications, we can not then turn out the basket.

Make a seam along the bottom seams. Repeat with the second side of the handle details.

The result here is a pie :-). The two sides are sewn, the two sides remained free.

A free side to turn out the basket (marked by arrow)

Straighten the bottom corners, it turns out that's almost finished this basket:

Now connect the left bottom side. Just bend down lining, the outer part of the basket to turn out inside out, baring the seam, and stitched by pinned into the seam. If the walls are thick baskets directly to the corners can not get doshit - no big deal.
Now, the bottom of the basket was smooth and the inside:
Make stitching around. We cut out the strip.

The length of the strip is equal to the width of the basket * 4 + 2 cm (the seam allowances.)
Width is 7.5-8 cm (depending on the thickness of the basket).
I turned the strip 58 x 8.

Fold it in half and ironed:

Pinned the inner and outer details baskets. We are doing it in a seam a seam.
to turn out the basket and sew the inside the strip.
turns and iron out
bias binding folded onto the inner side and tack. We are trying to pave the stitch exactly where we make a seam.
We make a seam. The photograph shows that the a seam is just below the bias binding. IT IS IMPORTANT!!!

to turn out the basket. SHE'S READY)))
Fabric Storage Basket with Handles DIY Tutorial

Fabric Storage Basket Tutorial

Fabric Storage Basket Tutorial

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