Case - organizer for your phone tutorial

How to Sew a Pouch - Organizer for your phone. Photo Sewing Tutorial
Purse-Case features two closing compartment, magnetic button closure and zipper, in one of which you can put your phone, and the other - the right things - money, coins, credit cards or something else.

Materials and tools:
  1. Cotton of two different matching colours.
  2. Dence material.
  3. Magnetic button.
  4. Zipper.
  5. Standard set of sewing supplies – thread, scissors, chalk, ruler, pins.
  6. Sewing machine and iron.
Cut out details of cotton and dense material: just need 4 rectangles 15 cm x12 cm, two squares 12 cm x 12 cm, and two parts 10 cm x 7 cm with rounded corners. Two parts of the dense material, 15 cm x 12 cm and one for the pocket.

Start with the assembly of the front pocket. Lay two square part face to face.

Stitch along the edge and process the cut with zig-zag.

Turn outside in, iron the seam and sew a decorative stitch parallel to it.

Put the lower part of the magnetic button on the pocket and fit it to the rectangle, which will later become the front part of the case.

Now put the upper part of the magnetic button on one of the parts of the pocket.

Combine all details face-to-face, add dense material.

Stitch along the perimeter leaving a rear edge free.

Turn it outside in and carefully steam-iron.

Now the zipper. Cut it to 13 cm and prepare small parts for processing the tips.

Stitch the details on the ends of the zipper.

Now sew the dense material with wide stitches to cotton details of lining.
Put the zipper on the pocket detail with the pull down, and the lining with the dense material over, right side down. Stitch, sewing in one edge of the zipper.

Then the second edge the same way.

This is what the sewn zipper looks like.

Lay out the details – right side to right side, inner to inner.

Stitch along the perimeter, leaving a small hole for turning.

Now you only have to turn all outside in, align the corners and sew up the hole. You can try on the new thing on your phone!

How to Sew a Pouch - Organizer for your phone. Photo Sewing Tutorial

How to Sew a Pouch - Organizer for your phone. Photo Sewing Tutorial

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  1. Pragtig!!! Lieflike materiaal! ♥♥♥

  2. Beautiful! I love it! I just don't like to put magnetics with the celular. It's not good to the celular. Nice work!

  3. Muchas gracias, una idea genial!!!