Round Cosmetic Bag

Round Cosmetic Bag

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Cosmetic bags are necessary accessory for women. We need to have them all the time. It’s true that a lot of us don’t like to put on a heavy makeup and I am certainly one from these people. Nevertheless, cosmetic bag serves for a lot more than just your everyday makeup gatherer. I believe that the usability of the cosmetic bag is by far broader.

You need the following materials:
- fabric for patchwork, 3 types, preferably of the same collection
- adhesive web
- fabric for lining
- self-assembling zipper
- needle punched polyester 150 g
- tailor's pen
- threads, lurex threads
1. Lay out all details in this order: lining — adhesive web — polyester — adhesive web — right side cloth = 5 layers. Steam iron, but the adhesive web should not touch the sole of the iron. The diameter of the part here is about 13.5 - 14 cm.

2. Mark the lines: one parallel for the bottom, for the lid — a rhombus with an angle of either 45 or 60 degrees.

3. Stitch, I used metallic threads.

4. Cut out the diameter of 12.5 cm after that.

5. Cut out fabric as pictured, width 3.5 cm, together with an allowance of 6 mm.

6. Pin the bias tape to the details, at a half of the circle.

7. Stitch a semi-circle with an allowance of 6 mm, slowly rotate the blank.

Pin the detail as pictured.

Add 12 mm to the mark and cut off at an angle of 45 degrees.

Join the two ends as pictured and sew.

The bias tape is placed and pinned as pictured, stitch up to the end.

Baste with pins.

Stitch from the right side seam into seam, or sew manually from the backside.

In the end, such detail should come out.

8. Cut out strips: with flowers 15 cm x 4 cm, plain 15 cm x 5 cm

Sew the blank:

9. Make a sandwich, use 2 layers of the adhesive web, steam-iron.

10. Stitch parallel lines on the plain fabric.

Decorate the flower inserts with free-running stitches.

Round Cosmetic Bag DIY Picture Tutorial.

11. The workpiece is cut strictly parallel, the top and bottom.

Round Cosmetic Bag DIY Picture Tutorial.

Apply, check all. Join toe-to-toe (NOT overlap). When it's done, trim the workpiece.

12. Perfect with the bias tape.

Round Cosmetic Bag DIY Picture Tutorial.

Baste the zip.

13. Sew it to the blank.

14. Make a few stitches like in the photo where the zip ends to fix it all well.

15. Pin edging strips of 4 or 4.5 cm, or 5 cm in width, one to the backside, another to the righht side.

Sew with a seam allowance of 6 mm or more.

16. Apply to check.

Fold the edges as in the photo, the edge should protrude at 1 mm from the right side, it will hide the joint with the backside. Tha blank is combined toe-to-toe with zigzag stitches.

Round Cosmetic Bag DIY Picture Tutorial.

Round Cosmetic Bag DIY Picture Tutorial.

17. Unbend as pictured, the edges are folded.

Round Cosmetic Bag DIY Picture Tutorial.

Sew the seams manually, the edges in the joints are put inside.

Round Cosmetic Bag DIY Picture Tutorial.

18. Take the bottom and sew the lid manually with small concealled seams.

Round Cosmetic Bag DIY Picture Tutorial.

And, the finished work:

Round Cosmetic Bag DIY Picture Tutorial.

Round Cosmetic Bag DIY Picture Tutorial.

Round Cosmetic Bag DIY Picture Tutorial.

Round Cosmetic Bag Tutorial



Author: guravlik

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  1. Beautiful,does anyone know how to make the top and bottom "stiff" so it will stand up sturdy?

  2. Muy buen tutorial. Muchas gracias!!!
    Barbra, si quieres que las bases sean más rígidas, puedes poner en ellas un círculo de acetato.
    Espero te sirva el consejo. ;-)

  3. Thanks, very beautiful. I'll share at my website.

  4. Love this little round bag. Very nicely finished!

  5. I think this must be the prettiest little bag I have seen yet! Beautiful job.

  6. Great tutorial!!! Beautiful little bag! Thank you!

  7. This is the most beautiful bag I have ever seen!! It would certainly be a labor of love <3