Patchwork Bag style. Hexagon Appliqued Bag

Here's a fun little project (and fast!) involving appliqueing hexagons onto a canvas bag.

what you'll need:
 -1canvas bag found at walmart in the craft section.
- a variety of 5" squares
- a Hexagon Ruler to create a 4.5" hexagon template
-Quilter's Plastic Template 12x12" 3/Pkg
-pellon 804 fusible light weight interfacing
-washable pen, iron
-thread in the color of your blocks for applique part of the project
okay after you have created your hexagon template,  we are going to use our template and draw our hexagons on each of our 5" blocks.  i drew mine on the right side of the fabric.

next i cut out 5" x 5" blocks of the fusible webbing.
1. and placed it on top of my drawn side of the fabric
2. then i sewed on my drawn hexagon line.
3. and then i cut out my hexagons leaving around 1/8" to 1/4" seam allowance.
do this for all your hexagons.
-next i wanted to make a slit in my webbing in the middle, so i gently pulled the webbing away from the fabric, did a slit down the middle around 1" to 1 1/2" slit.
-gently pull through the fabric through your slit in the webbing.
-once you have turned it inside out, gently push out the corners making sure you don't break the webbing.
do this for all your hexagons.
play around with your hexagons, make whatever design you want. really there is no limit, you don't need to worry about them all touching because you will be ironing them on and then appliqueing do what you want!
i kind of wanted the tetris feel sooo i decided to have a few of them grouped together one almost locking in place and one falling down...
once i figured out where i wanted them, i ironed them down.
see how cool this is...
now you just have to get your matching thread and seal the deal by placing a few good applique stitches around each of the hexagons.

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