Flower kanzashi. DIY step-by-step tutorials

Flower kanzashi. DIY step-by-step tutorials
Of course the flowers. They can decorate everything that your imagination will please. Just a few minutes of free time and voila, the flower is ready.

- any fabric,
- scissors,
- needle and thread,
- glue,
- button,
- cardboard.

So, there is a fabric. Cut out the same squares of 5 x 5 cm in size. You can do more, maybe less, depending on the desired size of the flower. Take one square, and fold it in half diagonally. Get a triangle.

Then lower the corners of the triangle down. For convenience, you can fix threads.

Turn over and bring the corners together.

For one flower, you need 6 of these petals.

Then take and string all the petals on the thread. Cut the sharp corners from below.

 Flower kanzashi. DIY step-by-step tutorials

Both ends of the thread tie together, and form a flower.

Here at this stage you need a button. It should be small in size. Glue it to a small piece of material. That's how it should be.

Thread the finished button between all the petals.

Cut off excess material.

The flower is almost ready. Further it can already be sewn where you want, or you can also attach a cardboard base to the flower. Take a circle of cardboard and paste on the material.

 It remains to glue it to the back of the flower and admire the work done. Here is such a beautiful and interesting flower turned out.

 Flower kanzashi. DIY step-by-step tutorials

What to do with it? Yes, anything. Glue on the rubber, invisible, bezel. Decorate such flowers with children's clothes or even a room. Further, everything depends only on your imagination.

Flower kanzashi. DIY step-by-step tutorials

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