Sewing of old jeans

шьем из джинс. Sewing of old jeans

Yes, perhaps, in each family there will be denim unnecessary trousers. And, not alone, and different colors. The following is a selection of ideas - this is sewing from jeans.

Ornaments, charts and images for applications.

Ornaments, charts and images for applications.Universal pictures for applique. These blocks can be applied, where and how you like. Beautiful ornaments, schemes are available.

Sew a small handbag. Diy tutorial

Как сшить маленькую сумочку. Sew a small handbag. Diy tutorial
You can wear it like a small bag, you can use it as a purse, or you can turn it into a clutch. In general, a versatile and very cute model of a mini bag. There are step-by-step instructions-descriptions. On them you can sew and a handbag of a larger size.

How to make flowers out of denim?

Цветы из джинсовой ткани.  Flowers denim

Caps, hats and panama: Knit crochet

Caps, hats and panama: Knit crochet

We choose a beautiful yarn, we take a hook in hand and for a couple of evenings sitting at the TV, without any special effort we knit new headdresses.

Sew Bag-Big Purse. DIY tutorial with patterns.

Сумка из ткани с выкройкой. Bag of cloth with patterns. DIY tutorial

Sew Bag-Big Purse.  DIY tutorial with patterns.

How to Sew a Pillow with Flowers. DIY tutorial

Как сшить подушку с розами?
How to sew a pillow and decorate it with roses?

The Magic of Crazy Quilting

The Magic of Crazy Quilting: A Complete Resource for Embellished Quilting