Denim Bag / Backpack Tutorial

How to turn old jeans into a beautiful eco-bag.
Denim Bag / Backpack Tutorial

You will need:

     old jeans
     old leather belt
     thread and needle and / or sewing machine

We cut off the trouser leg of our jeans of such length, which height you want to have a bag (in my opinion, you shouldn’t cut off the knee, because if the width of the leg is not large, a too deep bag will be inconvenient) 

We cut a piece from a belt about 15-20cm long, plus 2 pieces wide as two widths for fastener buttonholes

We turn out the pant leg and put this piece on the cut side in the center from the front.
We sew (or stitch) a trouser leg
We make two more lines (seam) on the sides to form the bottom, as shown in the photo.
We pick up an awl and use it to perforate the holes in the remaining part of the belt to make it easier to sew it to our bag.
take a needle and thread and sew our belt and eyelet into the hand
Voila, ready bag

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